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  1. ocknu

    Avatar what bender are you?

    earth, stubbarn and slow to react.
  2. ocknu

    most hated anime cliches

    This is it ! I won't say more !!! This is it ! I won't say more !!! can't say moore.
  3. ocknu

    Watching Anime Online vs Downloading Anime

    downloading. streaming most of the time doesn't have all the episodes and/or stupid controls.
  4. ocknu

    What are your favorite computer games?

    I too love these games Decent, Doom 1/2/3, Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem, Blood, unreal, halo 1/2/3, Warcraft 1/2, Starcraft 1/2, Age of Empires series, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, world of warcraft, everquuest 1/2, league of legends, world of tanks.
  5. ocknu

    Transformers vs TMNT

    transformers. hands down. still love the idea of machines changing forms. can't wait for the new movie. not sure about the new TMNT movie with mega fox as april. not the right person for that role.
  6. now days i do abouty 1-5 hours aday. but the most has been 36 for a raid.
  7. ocknu

    First Video Game

    well my first would of been the pong on tv. but it was the parents. the first of my own would of been on the amiga before it had hard drives. the first game i remember playing was a friends on the vic 20 downhill skier. that when i made up my mind that i wanted to program computers.
  8. ocknu

    Pepsi or Coke?

    coke. but i'm a Dr.Pepper drinker.
  9. ocknu

    What brand of T.V. do you have?

    Samsung Plasma, was the best for support and less returns at its time. 2005.
  10. ocknu

    Jackie C vs. Jet Li

    Jet Li, hands down I love Jackie but Jet Li would kill him. jackie has never been as fast as jet li. he would get hits in that jackie would not be able to counter fast enough. Now a real fight would be Jet Li and Bruce Lee at there primes. but Ip Man was Bruce Lee's master so he might be better than all oof them.
  11. ocknu

    Anime you would want to watch more than once.

    full metal alchemist, bleach, the last airbender, Corpse Princess, Mushishi, Soul Eater
  12. not sure if this has been dubbed but intial D is a good car racing show,
  13. Hello all, I would have to say both. There has been many a game I have dropped because the game enige was stupid, awkward or buggy but if the story is not appealing or doesn’t pull you into the game world than it is not enjoyable. ocknu
  14. ocknu

    Bleach english dubbed OVA's?

    note on the the OVA's for bleech where first release at conventions.