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  1. Aaaaall good, should have read the rules earlier. Was just popping an old work in so I almost definitely won't replace it.
  2. Theme: Boku no Hero Academia - - - Woah! The SOTW have really stepped up as of late.
  3. CnC is why I upload it up here. Updated Version: Without the light source I might have to adjust the lighting again - but we'll see where it takes us. - Just as before, CnC is welcome. - - - - - - - - Another work in the night, let me know what you guys think. CnC is alwaaaays appreciated. :3
  4. New update, vertical sig (probably big enough to be a vertical banner) of #Bestgirl, #waifu, Sena. Also made it because the #plot. Any CnC would be goooood, sort of threw it together in a rush so there's a couple problems with it but let me know! :3
  5. Not sure how closely this fits with the theme. The render (you can only see the outline) is the super sonico girl wearing headphones. popped the original render in the spoilers. If it doesn't suit just pop it out of the voting phase. :3 Theme: CLAMP works
  6. SOTW stands for Signature of the Week. There is a weekly (or bi-weekly-ish?) competition where people make graphics. Each competition has a theme that the contestants must abide by, and this thread is to help people come up with a theme or recommend a theme for those who can't come up with one.
  7. naw :3 Thanks. You're too nice! :3 It's always fun to get back into photoshop after a break. It feels like I'm rusty but at least my sigs are a bit more fresh ahah.
  8. The best vocaloid eva! <-- Kobeni from Engaged to the Unidentified!
  9. Awesome work dude! Just a heads up, in the case that your work is chosen as the winner they go with your theme next week! I noticed that you haven't placed a theme yet so it might be a good idea to list one. Keep up the cool work man, it's really impressive.
  10. Update: playing around with mroe gifs yayay.
  11. Aaand this is what casual photoshop gets you, omo. I should never have returned. League of Legends anyone? (Ori) Best Girl Anyone? (Sena)
  12. Looks like a lot of work on the lighting/darkening and blur/sharpening to match it, belnds in well. Voted for limitless, but close call. :3 Nice workies guys.
  13. Main character's voice is way too deep for me, I swear it doesn't match the art. LOL. It's just a cute anime with fun scenes. Nothing too serious. Good to lighten your mood when you don't feel like doing anything. :x
  14. I had to vote for Alice, her border was sooo good. But everyone did a great job this week. Did we get rid of the 1-2-3 voting system? I thought with 4 people it would be put in since even the entrants could make a full vote, ahah.
  15. They got Disgaea 3/4 on Vita, that's pretty funnnn. for the story. The gameplay is pretty bad. Also I like downloading / playing all the older tomb raiders on the Vita. sort of like a throw back. That's all I really play on Vita, and P4 which you already have. ahah.
  16. 2/10 I feel like you're missing a conjunction or something there. I don't really understand what it's about, but +1 for being unique though.
  17. Aaand one more quick update. SOTW + Mami.
  18. So. Freaking. Awesome. Thanks man! I really dropped the ball though. Soo, here's an update: I'm baaaack~! Not really, but we'll see.
  19. Voted for Eve's but close call everyone. :3 Grats to Limitless on becoming a gfx staff! Great sig tenderfoot, bad luck about the size though ! >~
  20. Oooooh that makes more sense! :$
  21. Limitless Eve Breathless That llama(alpaca?) though.
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