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  1. The games are the best, obviously. I haven't watch the anime since the Diamond and Pearl arcs. Is the newest season good?
  2. Amphri


    I would love a 4th season, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  3. The Japanese VA is just as bad...English VAs are ridiculously bad. I can't really tell if the Japanese VAs are good or not because I don't know Japanese, but I can at least tell that they put more effort and emotion into their voice acting than English VAs.
  4. Amphri

    Persona 5

    The MC looks okay. I wish he didn't have glasses, though.
  5. That's a rumor. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to believe that. The only way we're going to find out for sure is to wait until TGS 2014. Which is 19 days away as of today. Sony is having a pre-TGS conference today. P5 could be shown today. Also it is highly likely that Sho is the hero. Someone found that in the code for Ultimax, Sho was referenced as P5HERO, plus the trophy for getting the true end is called "A new journey" with Sho as the trophy image. This is the same way people found out Vincent's (Catherine) name in P3P.
  6. It seems Sho will be the MC of Persona 5 according to the spoilers for Arena Ultimax
  7. Subs are almost always better.
  8. So, basically, which groups are translating/translated our favorite manga? Utopia Scanlations Village Idiot Muda MangaStream Webtoons live LINE Webtoons Red Hawk Solaris Maigo /ak/
  9. Memento was a great movie. It's on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it.
  10. I read a few chapters of the manga a long time ago and I thought it was good, but for some reason I never finished it. I guess I'll pick it up again.
  11. If nicknames count, nothing beats Index's names of the Level 5 espers. Accelerator Railgun Meltdowner Dark Matter Mental Out
  12. Yes I'm well aware of that. In fact, I was quite surprised that Epic is working on Tekken 7. I'm not sure if they worked on any other tekken games But they're not working on Tekken 7.
  13. The Sting trailer is so damn good. I probably won't get the game though because WWE games haven't been good since HCTP.
  14. Already in the thread. So likely around the end of 2015, and a fan translation might be available about 4-6 months after it comes out in japan. I doubt it will take that long to release outside of Japan. I'm guessing 3 or 4 months, at most.
  15. The GOAT fighting game. I am hyped. Pls have Asuka, Lili, and Leo. It's only confirmed for PS4 and XBone so far, i think.
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