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  1. my favorite was gundam seed after that it has to be gundam 00
  2. I love the dub in code geass and death note
  3. my favorite gundam is freedom gundam from gundam seed. my favorite moblie suit is gm sniper
  4. goku would win he can blow up the planet and still be holding back his power level
  5. vegeta215

    Favorite Anime

    its dragonball z and code geass
  6. I think for new anime lover yes it can hold it own. but to old time anime fans from when dbz was first came out no naruto does stand a chance for them.
  7. I have four old games from ps2 I still like two play devil may cry, devil may cry 3 , .hack//GU and Gundam federation vs zeon
  8. it was a good game but not that long
  9. it is a lot of fun i be it twice it long then you would think it is the story was good
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