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  1. Where i find comics ??

    I usually get them from KickAss. Nemesis43 uploads tons of great torrents. Full titles usually. I'd try there if you can
  2. MTV's Awkward

    Does anyone have the 720p web-dl's of Awkward they would be willing to share? I used to have the first 2 seasons, but deleted them a long time ago. If anyone has any/all seasons and could upload them, or point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated!
  3. any comparison of Garfield and Friends?

    May stay with yours instead than ReApEr files, other than keeping the missing season 5-7 [t87] files.

    1. phantasm_818


      Just added the rest of the eps :D Will dl one of yours now

    2. Smileyyakadoo


      its not my upload, but saw you uploaded the others, thx.

  4. Gravity Falls

    Man... those screams of agony during the credits were intense. Soo much happened this episode! I really thought Ford was going to die/be taken away to that alien prison. But man did I feel horrible for Mabel. Coming to the realization that things aren't always going to be the way they are now... When that sad music came on and Dipper tells her "Things aren't going to stay frozen this way" ..sheesh, right in the feels. Honestly I just don't want the show to end (especially with only around 40 episodes!), so I hope somehow Blendin being involved will reset time to an earlier point in the summer. Idk! I'm too invested in these characters lives to say goodbye! Lol
  5. Darkwing Duck MEGA links, please?

    Here are dvdrips I have. I numbered them chronologically, so that's why there are gaps. These are SAINTS' rips, I think I got them from tpb a couple years ago. Darkwing Duck (Saints dvdrip)
  6. Dr-Love55 Download Index

    I love Animal Crossing. Didn't even know such a thing existed
  7. Sonic SatAm DVDRip

    How do they compare to the files on funniermoments?
  8. Who plays pokemon?

    Can never get myself to play any but Red/Blue or Fire Red/ Leaf Green (These 2 I've never even finished lol) I only got up to 2nd gen when I was a kid before I got over Pokemon for a while, and half of those 2nd gen Pokemon I hardly remember. Would love to play a newer version but with all these new gens I would be soo lost. Played the Mystery Dungeon for GBA and even that was strange for me. Didn't know who half of those pokemon were. their types, anything lol. I'd have a lot of catching up to do. I did just start watching the show again recently. About 20 episodes deep. Such great memories of Saturday mornings
  9. Who's your favorite voice actor?

    Jim Cummings - Winnie the Pooh...Bumpy, Bump in the Night Billy West - Doug Funnie and Roger Klotz, Doug... Rancid Rabbit, Catdog Rob Paulsen - Raphael, Ninja Turtles... Jack Fenton, Danny Phantom Maurice LaMarche - Big Bob Pataki, Hey Arnold... The Brain, Pinky and the Brain Kevin Conroy - Batman Dan Castellaneta - Phil aka Grandpa, Hey Arnold... Earthworm Jim Charlie Adler - Ickis, Aaahh, Real Monsters... Buster Bunny, Tiny Toons Phil LaMarr - Carver, The Weekenders... Green Lantern, Justice League Kevin Michael Richardson - Skulker, Danny Phantom... Grimace, The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald Hynden Walch - Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time... Harley Quinn, Assault on Arkham Susan Eisenberg - Wonderwoman Kath Soucie - Tish, The Weekenders... Phil and Lil DeVille, Rugrats and All Grown Up E.G. Daily - Tommy Pickles, Rugrats & All Grown Up... Rudy Tabootie, Chalkzone Tress MacNeille - Charlotte Pickles, Rugrats and All Grown Up... Hoodsie Bishop, As Told By Ginger Tara Strong - Batgirl, The New Batman Adventures... Bubbles, The Powerpuff Girls Grey Deslisle - Sam Manson, Danny Phantom... Catwoman, Arkham City Francesca Smith - Helga Pataki, Hey Arnold... Ashley B., Recess Christine Cavaughn - Chuckie Finster, Rugrats and All Grown Up... Dexter, Dexter's Laboratory Cree Summer - Penny, Inspector Gadget... Valerie Gray, Danny Phantom Pamela Alden - Spinelli, Recess... Milo Oblong, The Oblongs Dana Delany - Andrea Beaumont aka The Phantasm, Batman Mask of the Phantasm... Lois Lane, Superman TAS Arlene Sorkin - Harley Quinn
  10. Disney's Doug

    I've been trying like crazy to find rips of Disney's Doug and haven't found much. A few old rips I downloaded from myspleen, but there aren't many. Does anyone have any rips they'd be willing to share?
  11. i can upload it in dvdrip if u want That would be awesome!
  12. Thought of another favorite of mine. Aaahh Real Monsters
  13. I have the DVD's and they are on my list to encode. So will be up someday. Awesome. The time you put in for all these shows is much appreciated