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  1. NHK

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Batman Arkham City. I am a bit sad I missed out on the buy Arkham Knight, and get all the past Batman games for free deal in November.
  2. Currently playing Fallout 4. I am actually losing interest in the game and find myself playing it less & less. I play it like a first person shooter at the moment, because the gun play is good. The story just didn't work for me, and just made role playing that much harder. Hard to branch out and make up my own character when most of the tracks has been laid out by Bethesda. Husband/Wife looking for son & an all around good person is a really hard mold to break out of. I actually like the no name, silent protagonist in Bethesda's past games. Lends itself for many approaches and playthroughs. That at the moment is the game I am playing.
  3. NHK

    Hello Kitty

    Elfen Lied I believe was one of the first anime at the time that shocked me with its violence. In the same vein, I would recommend Another. Just recently finished that one and liked it a lot.
  4. NHK

    Hello Kitty

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'll look into Space Dandy & Tiger and Bunny. I may have seen the first episode of Tiger & Bunny & it didn't hook me, but might give it another try. Along the lines of Monster, I also like Death Note & Code Geass. I really like anime that builds a lot of tension in its story. I find myself pulling for the protagonst more in those stories. It's rare when I don't like an anime, no matter what genre it falls under. The unpredictability is what I love. I'm currently viewing Robotics;Notes and enjoying it a lot. Rei, I love that you have Ghost Hunt in you avatar & signature. Thats one of my favorites. Its one of those animes I can have playing in the background while I do other things. It has a charm about it thats hard to pin down, just love it.
  5. NHK

    Hello Kitty

    Just came across this forum and thought I would register. Noticed I had to make an introduction before viewing some threads. Been a fan of anime since 2005. I have consumed an amazing amount since that time. I recently watched Monster and I would hight recommend it for those that like a good mystery. I love most of the classics; AKIRA, Cowboy Bebop, GITS, and most if not all of the Gundams, etc. Don't really have a preference, just love a good story & also like to be surprised when an anime goes against cliche. See you space cowboys...