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  1. Hi All, After being in a convo chat with Koby - realised that I haven't been in here in ages (probably close to 3 years). And my it has changed for the better! I've been quite busy for the past 3 years with work; career; post graduate studies; relationships etc. But atm i'm just concentrating on my career so have a bit more spare time! Fellow Aussie here - so to most of you I am from the future. >=] Cheers, Kent And oh! My signature still works. hahah
  2. ah. fair enough. 1 thing he should do then do prevent spamming is to indicate which threads don't increase your post count and for people who register new accounts - send an email/PM with the rules or a link to the rules so that they know - if they spam = temp bam for new users. No questions asked. Also if you have the confirmation email send also a list of the rules and stuff as well - it could work.
  3. pretty nice work you got there. Loving the work you do on your text and your general style . hope you get back into it!
  4. hmm. I haven't read the whole thread - but if you made it so posting in the introduction forums didn't increase your post count - then it'd limit the amount of spamming in there. Most of the other methods that i'm thinking of to increase activity cannot apply to here - mainly because you don't host the anime on your servers.
  5. heheh yes. I was quite pedantic about itback when i was doing designing. hehe
  6. ah. fair enoughs then. =p. In this day and age - who knows what means what now-adays. lol
  7. oh, i meant 3d renders. haha. I come from a 3d background knowledge of designing so renders = renders from 3d programs. haha. And i refer to your version of renders as "stock images"
  8. pretty nice tutorial. goes into good depth into the tools and s tuff. but probably the main worrying thing is finding the render. lol.
  9. i can enter old sigs can't i? O: If i can, If not, disregard this post
  10. Am i the only one who uses default fonts? O: haha. I use labrush to get some inspiration/brushes as well.
  11. Currently playing: Starcraft 2 Beta, Monster Hunter Tri, Star Wars - The Forced Unleashed, Valkyria Chronicles & Battlefield - Bad Company 2 (PS3)
  12. The Karate Kid - such a poorly produced movie. Stains the name of the original. =/ Toy Story 3 - an awesome movie.
  13. .mkv is just a container for video files. It can contain (from what I remember - read this a while back so take this with a grain of salt) a wide variety of files such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc. It just made it easier to include dual audio/subtitles in videos wwhich is why it's the mainly preferred container or anime-rips. It is possible that sony includes a patch to support .mkv playback .. but it's a slim possibility.
  14. Instigma

    post e3

    From what I saw, the kinect tech demo was actually pre-recorded; and they got actors on stage to act it out. GG =/
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