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  1. There are no more download links in this forum, Pepper Ann is available on Disney Plus.
  2. Now the MEGA delete your account after 3 months of inactivity.
  3. You can ask for the DJHulp, I think he can help you.
  4. Kim is wanting revenge, he was taken from the mega and is now trying to create some uproar, he is trying to create a competing service and is not succeeding. It is the second time he says that, last year was the same.
  5. They usually only offers 10 GB for a free account. 1. How can I upload files or folders? When you upload files (via any browser) or folders (only possible via Chrome), they will be immediately synchronized with all your other devices. The first way to upload your files to your pCloud account is to click the Upload button on the top left. The Upload Manager will appear. To browse for files you need to click the File Upload section and then the Browse for Files button on the bottom left. Select what you want to upload and you are done. If you use Chrome, you can also use the Upload Folder section and then the Pick Folder button in the middle and upload entire folders from your computer. Also, you can open the Upload Manager by clicking the Upload button on the top right of the web platform. There is also another quick way for uploading files - the Remote Download feature. When the Upload Manager appears, you can see the three upload options - the File Upload (by default), Folder Upload (for Chrome only) and the Remote Download. If you switch to Remote Download, you will see a Link Box where you can paste any file's URL and upload it directly to your pCloud. To do so, choose a file, copy its URL, paste it in the Link Box and click the Upload button.
  6. Still 1 day & 12 hours To end DIRECTIONS To get your free 50 GB lifetime cloud storage, do the following (make sure to read *all* the directions below): Make sure you have an active (free) OneDrive account; if you don't have one already, you need to create one by clicking here Once you have an active OneDrive account, click here to go to the pCloud registration page, fill out the short form, and hit the orange 'Get your free 50GB' button At the next page, hit the orange 'Continue' button You should now be in your pCloud account; you will see that you have 10 GB in your pCloud account. To get 50 GB, you need to click 'Backup' from the menu on the left and click 'Start' for 'OneDrive' under 'Backup from' Next, a window will popup -- log into your OneDrive account and allow pCloud access to your OneDrive account Done! Your pCloud account should now say 50.0 GB in the bottom-left corner of your screen Enjoy! TERMS AND CONDITIONS This is a multi-device lifetime 50 GB license, for commercial or noncommercial use You get free lifetime upgrades You get free tech support You must redeem this offer before this giveaway has ended May not be resold
  7. Just a tip: Never exceed the limits, you may be fined.
  8. Hello! I'm Antonio, 35 year old guy living in Brazil, I love cars, motorbikes, computers, anime and just about everything else a typical guy loves, currently in university studying Logistics. I don't have a favourite genre of anime or manga. It's difficult to choose just one, since different genres simply cannot be compared. I really can't go through a list of anime, I just love so much of it, not big on the 'lifestyle' stuff, more into action and fantasy, anime can be a great escape from the real world! Soo yeah, nice to meet you guys! Thanks for having me.
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