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  1. ItsMike

    Resurrection - 2014

    Might be spoilerish. I'd like to know how all the people get resurrected. If they don't give me enough info, I might drop it around ep 5.
  2. ItsMike

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Ok. Here we go. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Arrow Banshee Believe Bitten Black Sails Californication Continuum Defiance Elementary Falling Skies Game of Thrones Hawaii Five-0 Intelligence New Girl Once Upon a Time Orphan Black Pretty Little Liars Resurrection Revolution Sleepy Hollow Star-Crossed Supernatural Teen Wolf The 100 The Big Bang Theory The Blacklist The Mentalist The Originals The Tomorrow People The Vampire Diaries The Walking Dead True Blood Under the Dome Vikings Warehouse 13 I'm not going to type down everything I have watched/dropped before.
  3. ItsMike

    Fairy Tail

    Bumping this cause I can, and it's relevant. So it's going to continue from where it left off @ 175?
  4. ItsMike

    Demonoid Returns, Website Now Back Online

    Always liked getting the wallpaper packs that were frequently uploaded there.
  5. ItsMike

    This is new...

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around the C-W forums for quite some time now, I usually went there for the newest episodes of Pokémon. The last couple of weeks I haven't been up-to-date so I figured; let's go catch up. Imagine my surprise when it said "Forums closed" haha. So I followed the link here, and the first impression is very good. The layout of the forum is very slick and it's quite fast in loading. Tried to login with my old credentials, that didn't work. So I 'forgot my password', but I was unregistered. So it's a whole new database, that's cool. Clean slate. Registered and here I am. Looking forward to seeing how the forums will evolve through time. As for me; I just finished my study and am now a qualified IT administrator. Plan on starting a new study in September, in the meantime I'll be watching and mostly catching up on some anime and tv shows.