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  1. Since the browser addon doesn't protect against downloading torrents, is it the same with magnet. Thanks I think I'll try the webchat first and see how it goes.
  2. So basically the browser addon of a vpn is useless then? Thats awesome thanks I didn't really want to download any software.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I'll delete that and get one of those. I was saying will the vpn extension be good enough to hide me downloading torrents or torrents via browser extension which I heard you can do torrents from a browser. Also can I use Hexchat or whatever via browser extension as well.
  4. Just got a browser extension vpn called hola, will that work for hiding torrents or extension torrents?
  5. Whats SSL? is it like dsl. Damn man you just threw some complicated stuff at me. Can I download the stuff without a downloading a program.
  6. Do I need a vpn for xdcc?
  7. Im not that worried about the safe dl its more on the isp side. Then you gotta get a vpn and all and to much to deal with. How fast are the downloads with XDCC?
  8. Lol I'm guessing you referring to what happen to megaupload. Maybe but I doubt gdrive goes anywhere and mega learned there lesson. I really wanna do torrents but it's just not safe. From what I looked up days ago about XDCC it kinda like torrenting. Also looking at the votes Xdcc is dead last.
  9. I'll try, but file hosting is still the best imo when it comes down to gdrive, mediafire or what not so I'll be sticking around that for awhile.
  10. Like I said before file hosting. GDrive has no limit and download pretty quick for me. Then it's amazon drive and ms whatever the are called. Then mega with the app, had no limit for huge file but multiple files it has that 5gb limit still good. I recent used zippy and it was pretty good fast and free. Torrents are no no, you need a vpn so you won't be in trouble, might get virus so not safe. Xdcc not familiar with it much so I rather not do that. So yeah file host easy to use, fast enough for me, not much danger etc.... I admit torrents have things I want that I can't find on file host but I'll still use file host.
  11. I had a issue where the download doesn't finish and gets a decrypt error. I'm thinking region issue anyone know a bypass for that without a vpn.
  12. Hmmm, usually my limit is 5gb. I just downloaded a 46gb 4k movie without the limit popping up. What's up with that, thought it'll take days to download because of the limit and waiting but nope. With multiple downloads it does pop up.
  13. Guess I just reached it then cause I see the vip section now. It also has an ost section, wish I knew about it sooner though. Also makes wonder what else is hidden hentai at a thousand.
  14. blackblades

    Request for non anime

    Funny just got banned from one of those good websites and slight suspension on another.
  15. blackblades

    Request for non anime

    Instead of making another topic I'll ask it here. Can we request music in the discord.