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  1. Did mediafire get slow for anyone

    Mediafire was one of the good ones for me. It was pretty fast downloads but now for some reason it really is slow now. Is anyone else downloads slow lately or its just me.
  2. It's sound about right of what you said, LA based on anime like Attack on Titan film, Ruronini Kenshin and others that hasn't been localized that's subbed I guess.
  3. Best place I seen so far is reddit megalinks.
  4. You ain't lying about the redirections and pop ups experience that hands on. I can say the safe place for live action is on reddit megalink. What about LA based on anime or that just that still counts.
  5. Making me curious about how the jp yelling sounds now. Then again I might regret hearing it.
  6. Basilisk Sequel Anime Reveals 1st Video

    Awesome the quality looks top notch. Gotta rewatch the 1st series again before I get on this one. Also ninja scroll one day hopefully.
  7. Need to try to get a remake of claymore and finish the anime.
  8. So true, seen it on toonami. Boy he was so annoying with that yelling and lame comedy. Kill the yelling amd stupid bring in some natural comedy it'll be good. It's like fairy tail etc..
  9. Is my ISP screwing with me

    Na, not willing to pay for a vpn. Hell if I did I'll probably be doing torrents.
  10. Is my ISP screwing with me

    Ok this is getting on my nerves, I have no virus. My downloads from mega sync works perfectly, downloads from the flash video download extension works perfectly. Same for google drive and amazon drive and 1cloud or whatever. Everything else like rapidgator and etc keep getting a failed error.
  11. Is my ISP screwing with me

    Rogue killer works well to, used it last time. Did better then malwarebytes, like I said malwarebytes just don't work like it's suppose to on my computer as said before. Nothing shows up from that and other scans in safe mode and with rliller64 on.
  12. Is my ISP screwing with me

    My mobile did the same with the aw snap crash once. I did scan with rogue killer and something else. Can't use malwarebytes cause rogue killer treats one of the files as a threat. Every time I try to install it it freezes. Had issues with it awhile back as well so I can't do that.
  13. Is my ISP screwing with me

    Is att screwing with me when downloading. Cause lately my internet both pc & mobile been getting aww snap crashes on tabs. Then when I download I get a error stopping it from downloading. It seems google drive download fine so far. Mega seems to download when using the app. Can't even download a video through rapidgator because of this. So are they screwing with me because I'm downloading to much, I have unlimited so that can't be the problem.
  14. Need help re-encoding audio

    Ok thanks, it's seem from what I read from others is that anything from amlogic can't handle hi10p smoothly same for others. Some say the Nvidia Shield now works but it's like $200 something. I'll dig some more I guess, "why o why did someone started anime in hi10p such a headache."
  15. Need help re-encoding audio

    What's the highest chips to date that's under $100?