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  1. Lol your right sorry, the name was really the reason. I'll probably give it a shot.
  2. Lol bunny girl I'll pass on that, zombie land I seen that on here earlier. Confusing from the pictures there human and zombies.
  3. Oh ok thanks for the info, I'll probably give it a shot then. Thought it was that brutal from what i read. I see, not as badly brutal as from what I just read about it being controversial.
  4. Ok I might have to skip that 1st episodes then, can't handle that stuff. Anyways it kinda sound like dark version of grimgar.
  5. Thanks for letting us know, might have to pass then but is it through out the series.
  6. Guess I just reached it then cause I see the vip section now. It also has an ost section, wish I knew about it sooner though. Also makes wonder what else is hidden hentai at a thousand.
  7. Funny just got banned from one of those good websites and slight suspension on another.
  8. Instead of making another topic I'll ask it here. Can we request music in the discord.
  9. Na I did gave out specifics but it was about something else. It was someone else topic, which I just went back and looked. I didn't know we had a live action section cause I never seen it.
  10. Really, why you didn't say anything about that when I made a topic about live action.
  11. Wtf, there's a vip section and has live action content wtf.
  12. FFshrine for video game and anime music with some television/movie music and some anime content. Megalink is best option as of now but actually low for someone to answer the request which why I asked for something like that on here.
  13. Flacs are hard to find some times. Lol
  14. I never read rules by the way, but your correct. I was hoping to get help on getting a song, cause I don't use torrents to get it myself. Was looking to see can you request of non anime stuff and send links through pm or something so it won't break a rule or something by having it in the public.
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