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  1. Can you download direct links there.
  2. Haven't watched any good anime movies since the boy and the beast. So I was wondering what are some good anime movies that is not based off an anime series in the past few years.
  3. Never finished the anime, it came on tv but ended quickly. Hmmm think it was adult swim and not toonami. Anyway hopefully I can get back to it one day.
  4. Yeah, also gotta say this show is crazy.
  5. It's called the defenders.
  6. Not surprised, it's pretty good and watching right this moment.
  7. The thing I was using has a download button in the toolbar. So you go to any website with video like you tube etc... and all you have to do is click on the button to bring up the menu and download of what resolution of the video you want to download if there is one. And your done. Sometime sites you have to have the video play with some websites you dont. That's what I was looking for in the alternative extentions if I can't use this one because of the pup. Also it downloads mp4, flv, webm amd I heard it had mp3 as well that I didn't know about I just looked at it. Guess no one used something similar to it.
  8. Great info guys, also its all good @Fishmonster. So in anime if the picture is jumpy and not smooth that's because of the bit rate right. So format profiles like L.4.1 and 5.1 etc is the same as 10bit. I was on a hardware limit which I'm still kinda am.
  9. JDownloader I think I have that, isn't that the app that download multiple items at once while being organized. Lol seen on my computer but couldn't remember nothing about. Anyways so that downloads any video through the link that the site gives. I was looking for something that let's you download the video when the video shows up on the screen. I might have to deal with the adware or pup if I can't find something more legit.
  10. Ok instead of making another topic I'll do it here. I was wondering if anyone uses a video download extension. The one that I was using on firefox called flash video downloader is great but found out doing my situation as you know deletes it. System lockup warns that it has adware or pup. So I was wondering if anyone else uses something similar without threats like that, that I can use.
  11. So with bit rate you'll see the difference when there's movement. I use to watch mini-encodes back then from skylord which the quality was great with low file size. I heard it was banned because of the great quality and low file size. I'm just trying to understand the meaning of most of the terms on here and as well quality and being able to see the difference.
  12. Thanks for the info fishmonster, still would be nice to have the info on the site then a link to another. Anyways what about bit rate. Heard bluray has like over 40 and downloads are like 1.5. Does it matter with anime? What about mini encodes? What about other meanings when it come down to stuff on this site.
  13. I was looking for info about the quality of the anime. Like what's the difference between 10 bit and 8 bit and other types of words or whatever and what they mean. Also can you really see the difference between them. I couldn't find it so I was thinking that there should be an info topic on here explaining them and if it's on here can someone direct me to it.