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  1. Idk where I left off at in this series. I watched it on the shorts channel and remember a city being attacked and member had died and on display. Lol I downloaded the new stuff but was confused with the new colors. I guess they can take there time with the dubs for me.
  2. Wait what, 4k so is this in actual 4k or just scaled down from 4k. Also what's better the short series or the compilation movie. Haven't watched the series yet believe I probably won't for along time still would like to know.
  3. I'm looking to get this in good quality myself. I had downloaded them and burnt them on dvd in my early days back on cartoon world which they were around 80mb. I would love to watch them again in good quality. Also good anime and never thought it'll be getting a sequel but hey its awesome it is.
  4. Is that a download program or browser pluggin.
  5. I hate watching on pc, it's uncomfortable for me so I watch in my bedroom on a current recent purchased 4k tv and ps4 pro. I can say it's a pain, as I use to have to go through a long process to burn low quality on dvds back then. Then got easy with digital but still work to get them to work on ps3 with different was overtime. Also everthing went to sh!t when mega went down, cartoon world went down my hdd screwed over and 5.1 started popping up then later high10 popping up.
  6. I don't like using torrent I avoid it like the plaque and usually can find what I want. Starting not be able to find some stuff like anime ost flacs and others flacs that's DD. Should I give in and face my fears of using torrent? To make it easy on myself from search so hard.
  7. Any tips on adjusting poweramp equalizer for a perfect balance on a sennheiser 598cs headphones on a samsung galaxy s4. Here was my original setting from a Google search and a recent setting from rtings. https://mobile.twitter.com/Miketheking75/status/879993848902152192/photo/1 https://mobile.twitter.com/rtingsdotcom/status/880098507364978688/photo/1
  8. Still safer then torrents
  9. Anyone know how long a re-encode of a hi10p will take on handbrake? Also should it be re-encoded to main10 or high cause I don't know which one is better? Hmm so I'm confused about the preset so do I keep it at fast 1080p fps or playstation 1080p 30fps or does it matter? Also will it upscale lower content if I leave it at those presets?
  10. What are good settings for anime on a 4k tv that's on directv and in general. I have the sony x900e.
  11. I found gamersyde but they just have trailers and some are the openings but doesnt have half of the ones I need to replace. I don't do torrents and you tube is just bad 90% of the time example: SFV opening on there is like 87mb but just went to gamersyde and found it there with a 800mb size.
  12. Anyone know where to get uncompressed video game openings, cause I just got a 4k tv and found out most of mines are crap thanks to you tube.
  13. Awesome! hate torrents. Thanks guys for the explanation.
  14. So to make it clear for my slow brain, it downloads directly from a torrent to a site like mega. For like people that don't do torrents can download the stuff without messing torrents. Is it safe?
  15. Can you download direct links there.