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  1. Well this isn't your traditional introduction post since I'm technically not new to the site; but I have been away for quite a while. I stumbled upon this gem of a community all the way back in 2010 while I was trying my hand at college (before life got in the way of that), posted for a bit and met some great people and even introduced a few friends to the site. Dropped off after 2012 for reasons I can't even remember (I think I was moving out of the apartment I lived in for 10+ years?), made a brief comeback attempt in 2014 that I completely forgot about before not even thinking about the site for a few years until sometime last week when I checked in here out of curiosity to see if the site was still around. Site looks different than I last remember but in a good way and I'm glad to see this community is still around. To those who remember me (if you're still around) I'm glad to be back and hope to see you around, and those who don't I look forward to meeting you as I try to get myself back into the swing of things.
  2. I generally tend to watch more at night but really I just watch it whenever I feel like when I'm not busy.
  3. Going a little classic here. Since I finally got my PS2 controller USB adapter, I've been playing Gran Turismo, Digimon World 3, the original Marvel vs Capcom, and Metal Gear Solid.
  4. I know he sadly wont make it to the general election, lack of media coverage is a bit disturbing when the theocratic Santorum and Newt still get more coverage, but I'm sticking with Ron Paul. Republicans and Democrats are very much the same anymore in office, make a bunch of promises just to get elected and then cover their own hides and increase government control. I suppose I should be more upset at congress with its 11% or so approval rating (and tbh I am) and I know the President doesn't have all the power but I really cant trust any of these other candidates, Obama included, more than I could throw them. While Dr. Paul isn't perfect either I believe the pros outweigh the cons with him and while I don't completely agree with him I agree enough with the ideology of Libertarianism, which I would consider myself a more center (unaligned) libertarian, to give him the benefit of the doubt of my vote since he's the most honest of them. If it comes down to Romney vs Obama, I think Romney is the lesser of two evils but neither one will get my vote. But if Santorum by some act of God wins the nomination then Obama is the lesser of two evils...by far. Also I believe Vermin Supreme should be on this list as well, if nothing more for comedy factor.
  5. Easily Dinner. I'm used to not having much time to even eat breakfast and I'm so used to not being able to afford lunch I rarely eat it now even though I now have money to buy it. Although I do sometimes have breakfast for dinner, which is quite good with hashbrowns, eggs, and toast. Snack would be a close second but a snack is just that to me, a snack, I don't really count it as a meal.
  6. Haven't seen the second one yet but the original was amazing. Hopefully the third one will be the last one, even though the first one was legendary on its own and imho should've stayed there at one. Anyone recommend the second of the series?
  7. I would love to play this game sooooooo badly since i love the KOTOR timeline and world but I refuse to pay a subscription for it. If i could just buy it solely for single player one time only i would jump on it in a heartbeat since i hear the quests and storyline are pretty good. Sadly it's not so I can only hope it goes the way of DC Universe so I can one day enjoy it.
  8. I can agree with that, although personally I don't think Dark Hole should've ever been unbanned to begin with. We got plenty of ways to destroy monsters: Lightning Vortex (at 3), Torrential Tribute (now at 2), Black Rose Dragon (plus magics and traps), Mirror Force (when they attack wiping out all attack position monsters). I know some decks like to swarm but with the above mentioned I don't think Dark Hole is necessary, sure there's no cost like discarding a card or keeping it at trap speed so you can say it's "better" than the above mentioned but there's a reason why this card was banned for a very long time.
  9. Thanks. Well interesting choices and lack of omissions to hit if this is indeed true, although I'm going to remain a little skeptical until i see it announced on the official site.
  10. Well I don't know if this is a rumored list or a suggested list, but I wouldn't hold my breath one way or another. personally i find it a little hard for all to go to 3 I'd almost expect it to go the other way tbh. Trishula could be banned, i seriously doubt Glow Up Bulb and Spore go from 3 to none, I could see them going to 1. Level Limit Area B isn't as strong now since Exceed can get around it on their lack of stars, instead having "ranks" so I can see this going to two. What I find shockingly absent from this list (be it preferred or rumored) is Rescue Rabbit who wouldn't shock me to go down to 1, even though i think two is a little too much i can see that happening as well. Nice bit of discussion but I'm more looking forward to the actual list when it comes out shortly. Edit: if this really is the OCC changes I would appreciate a link to your sources
  11. That's true unfortunately, just trying to help in what little way I can.
  12. I remember reading a while back that '.me' is indeed outside of US jurisdiction which may be the reason why sites like emuparadise switched over to this. Of course the server obviously would also have to be outside the US which I believe is the case anyway atm. Dunno how much of a difference or not a switch to '.me' would be, I'm just now in the process of relearning web design.
  13. What I do everynight, plot to take over the world! Essentially just the usual.
  14. Those definitely sound counterfeit to me. I've unfortunately come across cards like that a few times, and the lack of the silver box in the corner, the inconsistencies with yugioh on the back, and the lack of the Konami watermark on the back are dead giveaways, not the mention the overglossiness of some cards. The fonts I admittedly have not paid as much attention to, and occasionally (but not commonly) there can be misspellings on the card, one example being my legit limited edition of Chaos Emperor Dragon that came with a booster bundle at Target. $2 a pack are almost assuredly a scam unless it's either a Duelist Pack (which contains less cards per pack) or your local card shop or Target/Walmart putting some cards on clearance.
  15. Well technically Eevee is your rival's starter in yellow, it's just the player doesn't get one until later in the game. This is one pretty tough, so I guess you can say for me Charmander, Mudkip (and not just for the meme), and Piplup.
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