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  1. Listen to the song above you!

    Gilmour is Legend for sure Love it!
  2. I've never watched this but it sounds interesting. I'll have to see if I can dig up the first two seasons somewhere
  3. Thanks for all your uploads Pikanet128! You're sharing a really nice collection of stuff here I was looking for Unbreakable Machine-Doll in particular, so I'm especially grateful
  4. I wasn't really planning on seeing this at all but I have to say the trailer is pretty awesome After the past let downs this at least looks like it's going to be a lot of fun
  5. hello!

    Hello there 17superfan, welcome to Kametsu!
  6. Henlo :3

    Welcome to Kametsu Bewinxed, it's nice to meet you too! Watching Anime is always a good use of any spare time
  7. What is your favourite country

    I've always been kind of fascinated with Iceland. Some of the pictures and video I've seen are just stunning. Climate is perfect for me ( I hate heat and humidity), the population is small and quite well spread out, and I believe I read they have decent internet as well (always important)
  8. What brand of T.V. do you have?

    I've got a Panasonic Viera 32". It's been pretty good but I definitely need something bigger now. I'll probably go Samsung on my next one.
  9. Do you still play Pokemon Go

    Don't play it anymore. I think like a lot of people I was pretty obsessed initially, burned through that, and got kind of tired of it. Having said that, I could see myself coming back to it again at some point, I just need a long break now.
  10. Console or PC?

    I like PC too. As others have pointed out you can mod, upgrade, expand, repair quite easily...very versatile that way and also in the variety of things you use it for besides gaming. I do appreciate older consoles for their retro aesthetic though.
  11. Morning or Night Person?

    Definitely a night person. I do love watching the sunrise though.
  12. Berserk (2017)

    I actually really like the visual style, I think it goes well with the darker themes. Thanks Koby!
  13. Warner Bros Might be Making a New Matrix Movie

    LOL! I heard the role was going to a CGI Paul Walker actually
  14. Warner Bros Might be Making a New Matrix Movie

    What's next, more Star Wars movies? Seriously though, is nothing sacred. I guess as long as it's not a reboot there could be some potential, I just wish we could have some new ideas and stories.
  15. MegaMan 90's TV Series

    Me too! Oh, the nostalgia