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  1. Mohji

    15 Posts Requirement Lowered

    Thanks for all of the notice about the migration from C-W.
  2. I got 115. The ones I was missing were so obvious after they all appeared, haha.
  3. Mohji

    Count to 100,000

    5709 It'll definitely take a while.
  4. Mohji

    What type of car do you drive?

    You're not alone. I have to rely on the bus to get around, it sucks.
  5. Mohji

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    Just ordered Fight!! Spirit of the Sword. Yes, I buy random things pretty often.
  6. Mohji

    The Avengers (2012)

    I'm going to the midnight premiere! It can't come soon enough!
  7. Mohji

    A Word Game

    Here's a Toad!
  8. I've been playing as an Imperial. Seems alright so far, though I only just started.
  9. Mohji

    Do you smoke weed?

    I tried it once at a party, and wasn't a big fan. Not to mention the fact that it's still illegal in most places - not that that's really stopped anyone. Give me booze over weed any day!
  10. Mohji

    Peeing in the Shower

    I pee in the shower all the time, along with blowing my nose, etc. It's all going down the drain anyway, so might as well.
  11. Mohji

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    I just recently saw all of Kurokami. I thought it was great, though quite underrated. Definitely recommend it if you're a fan of action anime!
  12. At first, it was Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ and all that good stuff that first got me into anime. At the time, though, I thought they were the same as American cartoons. It was not until I bought the first issue of Shonen Jump by accident (only because I saw DBZ on the cover) that I realized how much bigger the world of anime and manga really is. Since then I've been hooked!
  13. Mohji

    Child Pornography....what are your thoughts

    I don't really see anything wrong with drawn or animated child porn (lolicon, etc.), as people do have some pretty weird fetishes - and it's better to get their "fix" from this medium as opposed to actually going out and committing the act. On the other hand, any act that sexually exploits children is absolutely disgusting. I can't even stand the thought of it.
  14. I agree with Gantz, Elfen Lied and Berserk. Another good gory anime is Shigurui: Death Frenzy. A guy pulls out his own intestines in the first 5 minutes
  15. Mohji

    Best Scary/Creepy anime

    I found the When They Cry series to be pretty scary. That may have had something to do with the time when I was watching it - 3am at night with no one else home - but I was genuinely freaked out.