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    Can you ride a bike?

    You're not the only one. I also can't ride a bike, it's just something i never did as a kid, i was always someone who preferred to walk or run. Now i am older i would like to know how to ride a bike, i just can't be bothered to waste my time learning
  2. Choosing the voice actors they did for Gohan and Bulma were terrible in my opinion. Monica Rial as Bulma ??? You couldn't pick someone much worse for Bulma. Hearing her voice on Bulma is just too much for my ears and it doesn't feel like the same Bulma anymore. She just sounds stupid now, when before she sounded like a bossy brainiac, which is what i prefered. Colleen Clinkenbeard doing Gohan was another terrible decision from Funimation. Gohan just sounds like a girl, not a young boy, a girl. There are a number of Youtube vids that show the worst parts of her doing Gohan's voice. I don't like her as Android 18 either, she makes 18 sound like a wimp. Frieza is another one that sucked. I liked the old Frieza, yeah it made him sound like an old woman that smokes a lot, but so what ? Frieza is an alien, why can't he sound like that ? If they were going to get a man to voice him then at least get a man that sounds like a man, they may as well have stuck with Linda Young. Yeah, so basically i don't like the Kai voice acting. The Funimation voice actors sound like they have done it to death now, and i don't know about anyone else but i am getting sick of Chris Sabbat as Vegeta. He just sounds like every other character he does in other Anime. At least with his first attempt at Vegeta he sounded different. Maybe this is why i prefer Ocean's DBZ better, i prefer pretty much all of their voice actors to Funimations ones. But let's not get into that, the Ocean Dub v Funi Dub debate has been done to death now. I think the fillers are what made DBZ extra special. Kai just feels rushed and i doesn't grab my attention as much. I know Kai is about removing the filler but come on, there are some great moments missing with the amount they have removed. I think they just went a bit over board. There is no break from the action, you need those moments because it gives us chance to see more of the characters. I also think the music sucked, it put me off even more.
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    Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst

    I downloaded it once before but i could never truly get into it for some reason. I never gave it a proper go really though so i may well go back and give it a go. I pretty much spend all my gaming time on consoles. I'm not some ridiculous fanboy though, i just don't have the money or time for both PC and console gaming. I am VERY interested in the private server for Phantasy Star Universe though. It was my favourite game when the servers were open on the Xbox 360, if they can get a private server up and running for the PC version again i will be on it all of the time.
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    Guess that Anime!

    Ha, oops i goofed
  5. MephilesTheDark

    Guess that Anime!

    Well i guess it's up to me to continue this game Guess that Anime I'll give you a clue if you can't get it after 3 tries.
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    How do you guys store and backup your files?

    I keep my data disks stored in sleeves and multiple dvd/cd wallets and I store them in cool dark places.They last awhile if you are not storing them in a spnindle where they can get scratched up. They way I look at is if an external hard drive fails then I am out of a shit load of anime and movies and it can take hundred of hours to download those episodes and movies, But if a data dvd is destroyed then I am only out anywhere from 12 to 26 episodes or 5-6 movies depending on quality. I can easily get back that many episodes or movies.Plus if a friend or family member wants to watch something I can hand them the dvd insteaf of a whole harddrive. I am exactly the same as you. I just couldn't take it if a 1TB hard drive died on me and i had all my Anime stored on it. Losing a TB of data in one would send me into a massive rage
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    Incomplete Dubs FAQ

    Sorry for being a pain in the ass but the dark blue in the opening post is incredibly hard to see, would it be any trouble changing it to a different colour ?
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    One Hit Wonder Voice Actors

    GUY CIHI - James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2 (2001) http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Guy_Cihi Popular Voice Actors (Male) Beau Billingshea // Jet Black Steve Blum // Spike Spiegel, Amon Johnny Yong Bosch // Ichigo, Lelouch Bob Buchholz // Gene Starwind Richard Epcar // Batou, Zangetsu Crispin Freeman // Togusa Dan Green // Yami Yugi Mark Hamill // The Joker Kyle Hebert // Gohan Chuck Huber // Emperor Pilaf Steve Kramer // Shunsui Kyoraku, Shegekuni Nandaba Yuri Lowenthal // Sasuke Mako // Aku, Uncle Iroh Dave Mallow // The Anti Spiral Mike McFarland // Master Roshi Michael McConnohie // D, Various Male Detectives & Persons of Authority Tony Oliver // ADR Director for Bang Zoom Paul St. Peter // Jiha Village Chief Christopher Sabat // Vegeta, Alex Louis Armstrong Joshua Seth // Tai Kamiya Spike Spencer // Shinji Ikari Sonny Strait // Lupin, Krillin, Maes Hughes Eric Stuart // Brock, Seto Kaiba Kirk Thornton // Jin, Hideo Kuze, Don Patch Kent Williams // Hiei, Admiral Perry Travis Willingham // Roy Mustang, Ginko the Mushi Master Dave Wittenberg // Kakashi Popular Voice Actors (Female) Wendee Lee // Faye Valentine Mary Elizabeth McGlynn // Motoko Barbara Goodson // Naota Nandaba Mona Marshall // Izzy Izumi Michelle Ruff // Rukia, Fujiko Mine Stephanie Sheh // Orihime, Samejima Mamimi, Eureka Kari Wahlgren // Sakura, Haruko Harahara Linda Young // Frieza, Various old women Chuck Huber was the voice of Hiei, not Kent Williams. My choice for 1 hit wonder is Tiffany Vollmer. I thought she did a very good job as Bulma, but i haven't heard her in anything else. I'm not a fan of Monica Rial as Bulma in DBZ Kai, who the hell thought that was good idea picking her ? I am used to hearing her play young girl characters so to hear her high pitched voice on Bulma really bugs me.
  9. MephilesTheDark

    One Hit Wonder Voice Actors

    I personally don't think Brian Drummond was a one hit wonder. I thought he was great as Zechs Merquise in Gundam Wing, he also was great as Ryuk in Death Note. In my opinion he is a great voice actor.
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    How do you guys store and backup your files?

  11. MephilesTheDark

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    Shining Force, when i played that game for the first time i loved it, still do now.
  12. MephilesTheDark

    most hated anime cliches

    This one is the worst for me. I don't need to know what has happened when i just seen only a few episodes earlier, it's really annoying and always makes me feel like i am wasting my time. I see that you have singled out Naruto...............you are so right to, man that series really has WAY too many flashbacks. In the end my brain just switched off because i really didn't care anymore.
  13. MephilesTheDark

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Spiral............good but confusing anime, it never did truly explain the story of the blade children in the anime, it's very frustrating. Too much was unsolved to be truly satisified with how the anime turned out.
  14. MephilesTheDark

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Discussion)

    I read that the mystery character was just a mixture of chatacters in one. It would make sense really. The hair, Adult Gohan, the scouter, Vegeta, the cape, Piccolo, the clothes, Future Trunks, the Super Saiyan God form, Goku. They should have added TIen's third eye, Yamcha's scars and Krillins dots just to mix it up a bit. Fed up with Dragon Ball being all about Saiyans all of the time.
  15. MephilesTheDark

    Official "E3 2014 Discussion" Thread

    Can't wait for this, only an hour to go until Microsoft tell us about their stuff.
  16. MephilesTheDark

    When you download Anime?

    High quality for me all the way, and it's got to be dubs. I worry when i download anything lower than 300mb, usually i find that anything lower has pixelation that ruins it. There are some exceptions though, i have seen some really nice quality anime encoded to 250mb. There are some anime i would love people to make better quality versions of. But i'm not ungrateful, i'll go with whatever is available at the time.
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    Where'd you like to visit at least once in your life?

    Tokyo................the problem is it wouldn't just be a visit, i would end up trying my hardest to stay there for good
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    2014 World Cup (Brazil)

    Massive Football fan here. I will be watching it for sure, i can't wait to be honest. I hope it's an improvement on the last World Cup, the football being played in South Africa 2010 was pretty poor.
  19. MephilesTheDark

    Last letter of the previous character's name

    E-102 Gamma - Sonic Adventure and Sonic X
  20. MephilesTheDark

    Like It/Love It/Hate It

    Hate it - Superhero Stage Shows Vegeta's moustache in Dragon Ball GT.
  21. MephilesTheDark

    Avatar Rating!

    9/10 2 faces in one.........gotta love that
  22. MephilesTheDark

    How was your day today?

    Decorating, 2 days later and still much to do. Getting bored now, losing precious anime and gaming time
  23. MephilesTheDark

    How's the weather where you are?

    Cold, windy and raining, typical weather from the UK. April started off well but has badly faded, hope it improves.
  24. MephilesTheDark

    Pepsi or Coke?

    I like to change between the two. I don't drink the Diet version though, too boring for me
  25. MephilesTheDark

    Dragon Ball Z - Movie 14 - Battle of Gods Discussion

    It will be dubbed eventually, i am sure of that. Dragonball Z is too popular for it not to be dubbed. They didn't dub the OVA with Tarbal, or the other OVA with Bardock. Most anime OVA's never get dubbed seeing as it would be a waste of money. To my knowledge DBZ - Battle of Gods is an a official movie after Wrath of the Dragon, in time I believe it will be dubbed seeing as a lot of stuff for DBZ is still coming out such as Kai recently and the BD sets for DBZ. Also I read somewhere that Funi cannot dub the movie at this time as the rights/licence are held by 20th Century Fox, they would have to refuse to dub it or hand the licence over to funi before a dub can ever be done. That may take awhile and worse case scenario is the movie never gets dubbed. FUNimation should dub this with the original cast and not some stupid movie company like 20th Century Fox. i'll pass if they dub it. Eurgh, you could imagine it if 20th century fox dubbed it couldn't you ? They would have real live actors voicing the characters instead of genuine voice actors. I hate seeing that in animation and i hate the trailer's for those films. They always say starring some dick head actor with a picture of the character they are doing the voice for. I hate it.