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  1. DaveHavok

    How to do 10-bit encoding on OSX?

    I've found the precompiled x264 10-bit libraries that you can use with Handbrake. I'm just not sure where it would go in an OSX environment and I can't find anything on the website explaining where to place it. You should be able to use the advanced command window in Handbrake to specify or else, maybe just encodes in 10-bit by default since the included x264 8-bit library would be replaced with the 10-bit version. I pre-compiled 10-bit version of Handbrake would be pretty cool. Good idea. Kinda like the custom CPU centric versions of Firefox. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. How do you do 10-bit encoding in the OSX environment? I've been searching around for the last several days and can't seem to find anything concrete on how to do this task. Does anyone know how and/or can point me to some materials that explain how to do so? Thank you!
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    Hi Lolapoz! I'm new as well and wanted to say hello as well! Also Lolapoz, were you the one putting up those awesome MKV encodes of G.I.Joe back on CW? If so, do you plan to finish the series?! Those were excellent! Thanks again!