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  1. I have a myriad of laptops with subpar screens. Mostly 1366X768 or 1600X1200. I also use a Google Pixel at times as well as a 10 Fire Tablet. Lastly, I use a 40 inch LG 1080p 120hz with Plex. Recently I adjusted the color preferences on my screen to vivid and it has made things more enjoyable. I may use custom settings in the future but for now things are fine. One thing I wish I could get better support for though is the normalization of audio. Windows and Plex normalization is basically worthless.
  2. I have 1 main desktop which runs my media management software, torrenting, irc clients. This system has one ssd for the os, 4 1tb drives and 2 2tb drives. I also have another two terabtye nas and a freenas with 4tb zfs volume for on access multimedia. I also have two other freenas boxes with zfs volumes which back everything up that is currently still airing. (ZFS is perfect for redundant failover.) Once a show has finished airing they are moved to smaller hard drives which are in static bags.
  3. This show has gotten better has the season has progressed.
  4. I have enjoyed this show a great deal. For me it offers alot of what I like in an anime.
  5. I have watched the first three episodes of the show and have found it overall to be disappointing. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  6. I hope to have a great time, discussing and sharing my live of anime and animation in general.
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