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  1. Hey, how are those games? I haven't played either episode yet, but I'm looking at them every time one goes on sale. Just yesterday I bought on Steam: Hollow Knight - $7.49 Robbie Swifthand - $2.59 Micro Mages - $2.49 Khimera Puzzle Island - $4.49 Unravel Bundle (one and two) - $7.48 Total Arcade Racing - $4.99
  2. Meh, doesn't really seem worth getting if I've played them in a previous format. These remasters hardly look any better than previous versions. Maybe if the new sprites were MORE detailed than the original snes sprites, but they don't look it. Just a higher resolution is not a draw for me.
  3. Maybe kid-friendly means it will cut down on the innuendo? Not a lot of violence? But if Avatar LTA was a kid show, maybe it won't be as dumbed down as that statement would seem. As long as it has some semblance of the FFIX story in it, I'll be interested in watching. I won't be interested if it is just a comedy show using the FFIX characters. Maybe this FF game is the best for adapting to a TV show?
  4. I recently watched the Batman vs TMNT movie for the first time. It was good. Does anyone recommend any of the other DC animated movies? Batman vs TMNT was the first one I've seen. I was interested in it because it seemed like such a weird crossover.
  5. Not sure if it is okay to revive such an old topic, but I wanted to throw out that I have watched all the shows and movies that I have bought. Some things I have received as gifts and haven't watched yet, and yet others I have obtained through other means and haven't watched all of yet. I suppose putting my own money into getting something automatically makes me more invested in it, so I watched all those things I bought myself. Is this a similar case for anyone else?
  6. Does anyone know if any sub groups have said they will subtitle this when it comes out? Or is the anime already licensed and will appear on Crunchyroll or somewhere on the 13th?
  7. I just finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the tv series, and ... ehh! The ending is unsatisfactory to me. BUT! I am going to watch the movies next to see if it is different. I thought I had finished watching Gargantia, but then I found out about ova episodes 14 and 15, so I'll be watching those soon.... I am still in the middle of watching Clannad and Okami-san and Her Seven Companions.
  8. I've only read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (all of it) and the last books of Rurouni Kenshin because the anime stopped without finishing the story. Because I knew there was more, I felt compelled to read the manga in order to properly finish those stories. I've started reading through the Rozen Maiden Manga for the exact same reason. Otherwise, I just watch the anime. I don't dislike manga, the mediums are different and I like both. But when I'm looking for a new series to get into, I look through anime reviews and ratings. I'm not sure that kind of info is as easily available for manga? I haven't really tried looking for a new manga to read out of the blue before.... hm. BTW My brother tried to get me to read Lord of the Rings way back before Fellowship of the Ring was released. I tried but didn't get far out of lack of interest. Only after watching the movies did I have the desire to read the books. That was fun to see more details to the story and how it was told "originally." I think this can be seen the same with watching an anime then reading the manga.
  9. These are the anime(TV) that I have completely watched: Cardcaptor Sakura, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam WIng, Dragonball Z, Argento Soma, Angelic Layer, Tsubasa Chronicle, Rozen Maiden (still hoping they make more), Tales of Phantasia, " " Symphonia, " " Abyss, Death Note, Sands of Destruction. Hm, before I started typing this list, I was thinking I had only watched four or five series all the way through The (TV) note is because I haven't watched all the kenshin and dbz movies. EDIT: Just remembered Elemental Gelade and Mushishi. That's 15!
  10. Thanks Okay, how's this?
  11. Claytonic here. I was active a bit more back in CW days, and I'm now getting back into these things. So hopefully I can contribute and enjoy the site!
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