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  1. started Bleach back up a few days ago, started on Ep 350 and only watched up 356, also i started Fairy Tail on Ep 22. Bleach's new arc in the anime is getting kinda ok but i cant wait tell they start the Arc that the Manga is on thats going to be epic i hope haha & FT is just awesome
  2. yea ive always liked the Naruto Dubs, but i also like the subs now after watching so many eps the voices just fit better then the English voices now. i still get the Dubs when they come out and watch them after building up at lest like 30eps but i haven't got to many dubs anymore...
  3. yea i remember in the manga them slightly talking about it but not staying on it to much...
  4. so i started Fairy Tail the other day, got to Ep8 and so far its alright, i get the feeling though that when they do there special moves they play the full scene every time lol makes me think of the FFX summonings cuz they would play the full summoning cut scene and after seeing it so many times u just make the game cut it short, i kinda wish they did that in the anime but eh i can put up with it... oh snap ive been watching Shippuden again, skiped the fillers and got on with the Kyubi<that right>? training yay, think they where eps 241-247. taking a little brake from Bleach for now to
  5. glade you guys are back, hope u figure something out, good luck guys..
  6. yea i started reading the Manga just a few days ago and im almost caught up with that, im on chapter 106 out of the 121 they have out... im looking to download the last chapter but so far no luck lol i can upload all the chapters i have if there isn't a trend for it already & if ppl want it ill be more then happy to upload them...
  7. Madara Uchiha, i mean even in death he can start war amongst the 5 great nations.... Kid Buu is also a top on the list though lol
  8. havnt posted in awhile, anyway ive been stuck wathcing the dam fillers for both Naruto & Bleach, Bleach i just skiped tell its back on the main story and Naruto ive been watching when im bored lol. idk the eps number but the last one i watched was Naruto 234 & Bleach 346
  9. both systems get a 10+ haha i still love my PS3 & 360, i play them both, use them both for movies, (only my PS3 for Netflix) and i still find some games better on one system then the other at times... so in a way this war is far from over untill we see a Microsoft/Sony console that will be the day xD
  10. haha i hear you man, im on Ep 334 now, after they finished the whole arc with Aizen they went straight to filler. i wasn't watching them for awhile but i got bored enough to start them again.... so i guess i watched maybe 315-333 for Bleach, & FLCL 1-4 got two more eps and im done with that yay lol
  11. tks to everyone who posted on my page for my bday xD i need to find more time to get on my computer lol

  12. happy birthday man!

  13. happy birthday dude! have a good one!

  14. ok its been forever since i posted, idk what all ive watched since then but ill try to do my best here... ok so Naruto ill say i last watched maybe eps 190 something to 216 lol been that long eh lol i started to watch D. Gray Man(think thats the right name) only got 5eps in so eps 1-5 lol... thats kinda it.. i need to pick back up anime again :'( i miss it so much lol
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