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  1. the latest movie i watched was mission impossible the new one it was ok but not as good as the old ones
  2. i have watched this movie and i recommend anyone to see it its really good
  3. my favorite sport as to be Aussie rules afl its the best game ever you have to watch afl if you have not seen it
  4. spider man 3 because he is my favorite superhero funny thing is i hate spiders xd
  5. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 movie was good but it will never be good as the books
  6. thank god the site up again
  7. poor kids so young and punished for no reason my father passed away about 3 weeks ago its a horrible thing cancer
  8. i am playing the new naruto game on the ps3 its so fast
  9. i can only pick 1 Sailor Saturn from sailor moon She so pretty and powerful plus i can relate to her in many ways in my life.
  10. my favourite video game ever the fighting is really good and i own most of the games on the ps2 and scorpion the best GET OVER HERE LOL
  11. mines spiderman 3 great movie
  12. my favourite sport is australian rules football its mad i go for the geelong cats
  13. storm100


    thanks for the welcome
  14. storm100


    hello members my name is Storm100 nice to meet you all just some quick facts about me. My favourite Colour black my favourite animie is yugioh gx 5d Card capture and i am from australia. i dont know if this is the right place to do this but i throught you guys should know that ep yugioh gx 127 breaking the seal is a broken link. thanks for reading my post.
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