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  1. Anyone aware when Tokyo Ghoul:Re and Attack on Titan S03 Eng Dub blurays will be released?

    1. NeutralHatred


      Tokyo Ghoul:Re

      Attack on Titan S03 doesn't appear to have a release date yet. The BD isn't even up on their site.

  2. Slam Dunk , best Hungry Heart, 2nd best Kuroko no basuke S1,2,3 Captain Tsubasa Enjoy:)
  3. Dear streaming cappers... please cap live online stream of R3hab, Eric Prydz, Axwell ^ Ingrosso from Tomorrowland.com


    Please, Please,Please...

    1. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      I'd also like a Getter's set from later tn to be capped as well if possible

  4. ^ True Dat. BTW Spn became quite boring around from the Leviathan season... However last season was quite awesome, if they make seasons like those then let it run forever
  5. Hey guyz.....if anyone of you could arrange an invite for me to get on AHD/BTn I would be highly grateful,I've been trying to get in there for 5-6 months now but still no luck... I can provide ratio proof on HDT tracker,I have maintained a decent ratio.. Kindly PM me if you would like to be anonymous.... Thank you for your understanding
  6. A nice poem....or should I say......story of my current life
  7. Send me one please...BTW anyone have HD Torrents invites?
  8. If you don't treat your DVD's horribly they should last you. Just don't let anyone but you touch them. I haven't broken one or over scratched one yet since the day I got my first one. It's also easier than ever to make backup copies and use those discs instead. I have included the constraints of money...even I haven't yet buyed any anime(No availablity in my country+I don't earn just yet) but damn I want to have those discs when I have the amount.
  9. "i dont like things that can be easily damaged" Come on man, we live in a world which is already damaged,at some point in your life you must've also been damaged or you are to be (the inevitable hard truth).....so this is an excuse that I simply can't agree. LOve the anime ?buy the Discs ,you won't regret having those blue shiny discs in your showcase I really hope someday your views change Well you were some sort of inspiration to me, into buying these discs. Each time you said the "Dvd's arrived" or something like that I used to imagine ,how cool would it be if I ever had one of those in my showcase
  10. Be a proud owner that is all I want...it may be expe but somethings deserve it.
  11. It feels good to see that more people tend to buy the Discs,This is really needed you know to support the Anime Industries,cause I have heard things aren't going good for them. Having Sets in your showcase......if only you could see in my head Be a Proud owner , you will love it.
  12. I just watched Elfen Lied 2 days back ,I did not cry but I am pathetically sad (though in near past I cried for an anime,was depressed for a week).......I think it has become a tradition for them to end love stories in that way.....Damn them to hell! An ending of one of the similar shows resulted into writing a sequel to it, it is brainstorming often ends up depressing but somehow I am managing to move forward a little by little. Sorry I got a bit carried away emotionally,I hope you can understand.
  13. bad quote That is awwwesome!!
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