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  1. HI, can u do Owari no seraph season 2 dual  in mini encodes ?

  2. would u do mobile suit gundam iron-blooded orphans dub ?

     can you reuplaod http://kametsu.com/topic/39755-tf-say-i-love-you-dual-audio-m720p/

    please and thank you

  3. Hi sorry to bother would u be upload the rest of http://kametsu.com/topic/49695-tf-durarara-x2-dual-audio-m720p-hi10-hp/



    1. Harry-Potter


      I'll upload if I'm able to find proper source.

  4. hi can you reupload http://kametsu.com/topic/39755-tf-say-i-love-you-dual-audio-m720p/

    please and thank you

    1. Harry-Potter


      I'll Try to fetch it back from the place I did before.

    2. yunghua


      okay thanks


  5. Would u do Shonen Maid in Mini Encodes dub?

    1. Harry-Potter


      I'll let you know.

  6. gomplayer

    my gomplayer keep chashing while i play 720p mkv file anyone can help fix it?
  7. hello

    hi, my name is chrissy. Please to meet everyone here im new and alittle sly. i love manga and anime of couse. i also play world of warcraft to.