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  1. fleshcut

    Naruto manga ending?

    as far as kishimoto said this is the final phase(we just don't no if this is a oda level phase or not) but my guess is we'll finish this arc then prob a 20 or 30 issue arc for who will be the next hokage
  2. fleshcut

    How many Americans watch Anime?

    i would say 70% of people under 30 have seen a anime before. If you look at hulu or netflix anime is always on the main site and just from talking to people they have atleast watched a few eps of random things to see what it is
  3. fleshcut

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    breaking bad was amazing, shows like archer, always sunny, rick and morty, community, game of thrones. I like alot of tv right now
  4. fleshcut

    Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    didnt think ussop would win by Enel face that was kind of a shocker. here's hoping bartolomeo wins the df and trades it to be in the pirate alliance.
  5. fleshcut

    Rick and Morty

    anyone watching this its probably one of the best cartoons in the last 10 years. Better then new family guy and simpsons and on the level of bob's burger. Its just so weird and out there
  6. fleshcut

    Favourite Simpsons quotes?

    fav line by a non simpson is otto kearney when he tells him to knock it off and says "dude we were in the forth grade together"
  7. fleshcut


    used to go to CW now hope to come here to find cartoons and anime