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  1. What did you do overnight? I stayed up trying to resurrect a 15 year old printer for an emergency print job... it didn't work.

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    2. SecondNine


      I hear you on the printers. I have several I am trying to fix myself. Finding ink and parts is a nightmare if the printer is older than 5 to 7 years.



    3. JimDaddy


      Well one wouldn't print in only black (epson saw to that [drivers or firmware related]), one had a missing power adapter (which I swear is here somewhere), the oldest- a 2002 HP PSC 2210v I actually got to work on my desktop (Win 10 Enterprise), but the print heads or encoder strip were dead. :( Had to go 30 minutes out of my way this morning to print at my office....

    4. SecondNine


      There was a place where I lived as a kid that sold older ink cartridges and I know office max used to refill ink. I am probably showing my age, but I remember those old early 2000 printers, and the old HP all in ones- scanner, printer, copy etc.

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