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  1. What did you do overnight? I stayed up trying to resurrect a 15 year old printer for an emergency print job... it didn't work.

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    2. emjay911


      Printers are one of two hardware devices I despise working with .. the other one being routers.

    3. JimDaddy


      Man, if that isn't the freaking truth @emjay911!

      @SecondNine wasn't there an old as-seen-on-tv commercial about being able to refill your old ink cartridges with what looked like a needle or something in the 90s? I don't know anymore. The years kinda run together now.

    4. SecondNine


      I hear you on the years running together. One day your watching your favorite shows with the current tech of the times being more singular and simplistic. A couple kinds of t.v makes, choice between a desktop or a laptop. A few makers and a few developers. No streaming, youtube just starting to get huge. Amazon expanding. The time just goes on by, and todays tech becomes almost obsolete overnight.


      All things both good and bad I guess.


      Do you remember a particular branded piece or type of tech that was most familiar or brought the most memories to you ?

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