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  1. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Its been so long since I played Dishonored! Have you played the second one yet?
  2. What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Of all time? Probably Skyrim with a distant second being Destiny or Fallout 3. Destiny because grinding could actually be fun (especially with friends) and Fallout 3 because I felt this innate need to explore every square inch of everything.
  3. Is there a you re-play every year?

    Mass Effect Trilogy (might add Andromeda to that). Every. Single. Year. I'll be going through my desktop backgrounds and just see one from the game and be like, "Yup, it's time." All other games go on hold and I'll play the entirety of the series through just a little bit different than the last time.
  4. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I have been going hard into Divinity Original Sin 2 lately. Might take a break and go back to spend some time Trails of the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel soon though.
  5. Holy crap this place looks different from when I was last here! Then again, nearly 3 years will do that!

  6. Hi! Long time no see! Like 2015 long time no see! I used to be heavily active here (and other places) and in 2015 things changed. (I thought for the better at the time, long story) Anyways, wanted to reintroduce myself to the masses and say sorry I disappeared! Looking forward to getting back to discussions with the new people and the old ones.... if they're still around anyways!
  7. Random Talk.

    I started playing the bass again for the first time in 3+ years. I thought I would've forgotten everything about it, but it's just like riding a bike. One I'd been practicing a few minutes, it was like I'd never stopped!
  8. Random Talk.

    I think I have some sort of ear infection or something. Everything sounds a bit like the bitrate is to low or there's some digital clipping. Except it's real life sound.
  9.   I was THE nerd who had no friends and was too busy playing Phantasy Star Online on GC.  How the fuck do you even HOLD that thing? O_O TV Tray. XD
  10. I always hated the N64 controller. It always felt awkward to play with. A stick in the bottom center, a d-pad in the upper left, a single 'Z' button under the controller... cut off the left and right sides, change the stick to an 'A' button and add the other buttons and you have the wiimote. I like the dualshock series, but the 360 is the best for me. The left analog is close by, the right is easy to reach, the trigger are more 'triggers' as defined by a gun owner/lover like myself. It's larger than the dualshock, but I don't mind that, as a matter of fact, with the extra surface area I can relax my hands much easier than with the dualshock. It always seems like the 360 controller just fits my hands better than the dualshock ever has. I found myself stretching my fingers and hands more when playing long hours on my ps3 versus that of my 360.
  11. Nyaa lives once more.

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      professa X

      yea got the memo. there was a live blog all about it!

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      For now I guess.

  12. Post Your Desktop

    Look to be spread across 2 or 3 monitors.
  13. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Metal Gear?! Imagine that in Snakes voice.
  14. So I met someone....

    1. ZeroPenguins


      And that someone was me...

    2. StaticX


      congrats jimdaddy :)

  15. How was your day today?

    To accurately describe my day I need to rip the keyboard out of my laptop, throw it in the air, and shoot several times with a a shotgun at close range.