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  1. Yup, that works. Color me surprised, thought that would've been geofenced or something. Whatever, free game is free game!
  2. Seems to be, when directed to the US store it was buy only for me.
  3. I had the same issue when this was first posted. (I assume they didn't have their stuff together to actually do anything.) After a couple hours though everything seemed to fix itself. Could also have been a sheer volume issue as well.
  4. I posed this in the IRC, but thought it might make for a good little discussion- What's more important Resolution or TS and Kara? Event though fansubs are somewhat rare now (proper, not HS) It always seems like a group will sub something, but only in 720. Meanwhile, I'm a proud flag waving member of the Glorious 1080p Bloat club, so it begs the question, for TV/Web stuff, what is more important to you? That a release has all the glory of 1080p and filling your screen (also making for very nice wallpapers) or dropping to 720p, but getting all that glorious typesetting and karaoke? Assuming no proper BD release is done, so this would be your archive.
  5. What did you do overnight? I stayed up trying to resurrect a 15 year old printer for an emergency print job... it didn't work.

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    2. emjay911


      Printers are one of two hardware devices I despise working with .. the other one being routers.

    3. JimDaddy


      Man, if that isn't the freaking truth @emjay911!

      @SecondNine wasn't there an old as-seen-on-tv commercial about being able to refill your old ink cartridges with what looked like a needle or something in the 90s? I don't know anymore. The years kinda run together now.

    4. SecondNine


      I hear you on the years running together. One day your watching your favorite shows with the current tech of the times being more singular and simplistic. A couple kinds of t.v makes, choice between a desktop or a laptop. A few makers and a few developers. No streaming, youtube just starting to get huge. Amazon expanding. The time just goes on by, and todays tech becomes almost obsolete overnight.


      All things both good and bad I guess.


      Do you remember a particular branded piece or type of tech that was most familiar or brought the most memories to you ?

  6. Its been so long since I played Dishonored! Have you played the second one yet?
  7. Of all time? Probably Skyrim with a distant second being Destiny or Fallout 3. Destiny because grinding could actually be fun (especially with friends) and Fallout 3 because I felt this innate need to explore every square inch of everything.
  8. Mass Effect Trilogy (might add Andromeda to that). Every. Single. Year. I'll be going through my desktop backgrounds and just see one from the game and be like, "Yup, it's time." All other games go on hold and I'll play the entirety of the series through just a little bit different than the last time.
  9. I have been going hard into Divinity Original Sin 2 lately. Might take a break and go back to spend some time Trails of the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel soon though.
  10. Holy crap this place looks different from when I was last here! Then again, nearly 3 years will do that!

  11. Hi! Long time no see! Like 2015 long time no see! I used to be heavily active here (and other places) and in 2015 things changed. (I thought for the better at the time, long story) Anyways, wanted to reintroduce myself to the masses and say sorry I disappeared! Looking forward to getting back to discussions with the new people and the old ones.... if they're still around anyways!
  12. I started playing the bass again for the first time in 3+ years. I thought I would've forgotten everything about it, but it's just like riding a bike. One I'd been practicing a few minutes, it was like I'd never stopped!
  13. I think I have some sort of ear infection or something. Everything sounds a bit like the bitrate is to low or there's some digital clipping. Except it's real life sound.
  14.   I was THE nerd who had no friends and was too busy playing Phantasy Star Online on GC.  How the fuck do you even HOLD that thing? O_O TV Tray. XD
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