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  1. Dragon Ball Z Funimation Original Dub

  2. I'm looking for episodes 322 and 329 respecticely. They have pretty glaring animation errors that were corrected from the broadcast, but the american releases (itunes, dvd, etc) didn't get the corrected masters. 480p minimum. Japanese audio is expected. MP4s or MKVs preferred. The DVDs are up on ADC.
  3. The Batman (2004) Seasons 1-5 iTunes Rip

    Nope. 4:3.
  4. cloaknsmoke one piece

    I'm very interested in this. I'm trying to get my buddy into the show. He's a huge skeptic.
  5. Just saying that your icon is lovely and that you should feel lovely

  6. The thing is available digitally already before the DVD will be out Links for purchase https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f/id1031707335 https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Dragon_Ball_Z_Resurrection_F_English_Dubbed?id=w6gVJy3CpKA&hl=en
  7. Japanese R2 Naruto ISOs

    I'm looking for these, but I've only found 1 - 80 from sets 1 - 2.
  8. Spider-Man

    Spectacular, Spectacular, Spider-Man~
  9. Yo! Comin' from CW!

    My name is Kolton, but you guys can call me Kolty! I'm an avid anime watchin', game playin' guy! I'm a little sick at the moment and have a wonderful gal. I'm 16 going on 17 and probably the happiest person in my town. I'm great at school and have lots of friends. I hope to talk to lots of people here and maybe contribute to the forums every now and again!