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    1. sicbert


      Thank you very much

    2. Dark_Cloud87


      No problem man. If you do manage to sync it please let me know. I'm dying to get my hands on it. 

    3. Austin Jones
  1. I saw in a previous post you wanted the Cooler's Revenge English version from the single feature DVD. I'm ripping the English track now. Only issue is syncing it to the dragon box footage.  Ill link it to you when I done.

  2. any chance of continuing utsukushis dbz r2j realese?

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    2. sicbert


      Honestly I dont have the time to do it or a place to upload it. I wish i could people deserve a good rip of the dragon boxes but i dont want to start a project and have it left unfinished like every other dragon box project there was 

    3. Tomukas


      It's just hard for me to believe that there are so many dragon ball fans but nobody can do it.it's a shame.if i did have the dragon boxes then i would have done it and uploaded it on anime torrents or nyaa.

    4. sicbert


      Yeah but the japanese dragon box isos are very hard to come by. took me years before i found them. 

  3. hi m8. good to find you here.ppl need you to upload more dragon ball R2J like utsukushii did but they couldn't finish it...a shame.anyways,got all of your dbz movies and they are fucking sick my man.seen your episode with vegeta self destruct and gaging for more.thinkin about makin them dual audio myself,jus can't find anymore episodes r2j that are riped. :(

    1. iBreaker


      It would be nice if we could find a decent encoder and sub editor!! ;)

    2. Tomukas


      is it hard to rip dragon box dvd iso files?

    3. iBreaker


      Although, I haven't done any of them, but I do believe that encoding is a whole different matter than ripping. Would you please be interested to do a test release of a random episode by your preferences?

  4. Does MEGA delete files if you are over the 50GB free limit

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    2. PDoggy77


      Might I ask why? Torrents are pretty good in terms of not having to pay to distribute your files. Maybe use a seedbox?

    3. sicbert


      I want to upload dual audio DBZ Dragon Box movies but i have no where to upload them. 

    4. Nelan


      They do delete your files. However you can create multiple free accounts by using a free temporary email address like https://www.guerrillamail.com/. Make sure to write down the temporary email address though as its used for logging in.

  5. So this is Episode 237 of dragon ball z with Audio master quality with Dragon Box RAW DVD MKV rip


  6. DBZ episode 237 with Audio master quality audio and raw DBOX video. The Dream https://mega.nz/#!mtcXjSDC!egwrgDhfp0IyX-9SFztMvWsGLxBjE6fVE8rwvbeiDa8

  7. I dont suppose someone has FLAC rips of Big Box Dragon Ball Z that has Master Audio quality of episodes 229 & 237 and/or the drama CD for Movie 11

  8. Here is the entire dragon ball series Raw DVD isos http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/47820-baidurawrj2dragon-ball-dragon-box-isos-everything-is-uploaded/
  9. Only few movies deserve to be downloaded as a Untouched bluray and one of them is Interstellar

  10. Don't know if anyone cares but I will be making subtitle patches for the DBZ dragon box. I've just been busy with school. I just need to finish downloading the DBNL DBOXs to get the subs.

    1. Badman


      There are patches on adc for DB and Z. they dont cover all discs though

    2. sicbert


      I uploaded DB patch here in my ISO thread. But DBZ is only for VOL1 and only works for half of those disks so I will have to make the set myself.

  11. In the process of downloading DBNL Dragon Box release to get the subtitiles I need.

  12. I will probably upload the Dr. Slump Movies 1-5 subbed later. And I will upload the Venture Brothers season 1-5 sometime.

  13. I am a slave to upload speeds

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