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  1. I like Jiraya Alot But I Love Orochimaru Soo Much Specially That Look In He's Eyes And the Hunger For Power So Orochimaru Is The Best Not To Mention He's The Most Powerful Of Them
  2. He's A Senju Clan Too ! Now That You Mention It Naruto Looks Alot like The Second Hokage . At First I Was thinking that Naruto Is A Genius And His Dad sealed away A Part Of His Memory In Some Place until The Proper Time Because Naruto Is Too Stupid To Be a Hokage and The Perfect Ninja Must Be Both powerful And intelligent To Lead A Village As A Hokage LOL I Think I Got Carried Away In My Fantasy But Any How .Thank You For The Info's raikagesama But Another Quiz : Where Do You get This Kind of Information ?
  3. does any one knows what is exactly the legacy of the 4th hokage I Know Its About Naruto But What Is It Exactly Can Any One till Me ?
  4. I Think My Friend The Point Of choosing A Hockage Before The Other One Die Is If The Old One Dies The One After Him Hold Control Of The Village So It Won't Be a Chaos In The Village I Think ....
  5. Thumbs Up For You Man God Bless You That Is Exactly What I Told Them The Other Day Its Like History Repeating Itself Once Again
  6. No Hard Feelings Man But I Wish My Fan Club Wins LoL just kidding I Wish Luck Too your Fan Club Too Any Side That Could Answer This Quiz And Get It Off of My Head
  7. Ok I Realize That You Are A (NaruHina Fan) And I am Not Against it But My Heart Breaks When I Watch Naruto Running After sakura While She Does Not Care For His feelings It's Just Unfair And Unpleasant scene
  8. Despite the fact That There Are Hinata Fans And Sakura Fans (And i Consider My Self One Of Them) I Wish That The Writer Does Not Disappoint Both SIdes Of Fans And Kill Naruto Or Leave Him Alone After All This Emotions,As For Me I Feel A Strong Bond between Naruto And Sakura Not To Mention That sakura Looks Alot Like Narutos Mother The Same Hair Color The Same Short Tempere it's like history is repeats itself And Even In The Anime When Sakura Was Healing Naruto After He Transfered To The 4 tailed fox captin yamato told her that he see's How Does Sakura Cares For Naruto And He Was Going To Tell Her How To Much That She Love Him But They Cut it Because Naruto Woke Up . Man Evrey Thing Is Soo Confusing but To Tell You The Truth The Reason Why I Like Watching Naruto Is To See How This Love Story End's
  9. Yes Hinata Did That But Sakura Did Too i Dont know Yet in Which Chapter because i did not Get to that chapter yet but My brother Told Me That sakura told naruto that she loves him it's a bit confusing don't you think:confuse:
  10. I Wish He End's Up With Sakura But Hinata Cool Too:confuse:
  11. Who does naruto end up with Sakura Or Hinata ? I Like Sakura Soo Much But Hinta is Nice Too ,Sakura Adore's sasuke And Hinata Adore's Naruto,But Naruto Love's Sakura And He Does Not Know That Hinata Loves Him Ah Man :confuse:All this Give me A Headache :beat_brick:Can Any One Till Me The Answer
  12. Me Too I Was 15 Years Old When I Watched Naruto For the first time But In The First Episodes He Was Kind A Dumb So I stoped Watching It And After A year My Friend Told Me How Did Naruto Improved So I started to watch it Again And Man He Was Right He's Not Soo Cool Yet But He Changed Alot since The First Episode's And Now I am About To Turn 20 Years old And I am Dying To Watch All Of Naruto Episode But i Think That won't Happen Untill I become 24 Years Old Too Bad But I Wish He Become Sooooooooo Coooooooooooooool Like He's Father When The Time Come's
  13. But Here Is A Good Quiz Who Do You Think Could Win At This Fight : Madara Uchiha Vs The 4th Hokage
  14. I Like Dubbed Anime's Better Than Sub Anime But Some Times They Leave Half The Anime None Dubbed Like Naruto Shippuden They Dubbed Only 43 Episodes And the reste none dubbed and when i i wanted to watch it subbed i felt uncomfert because i got used to naruto dubbed voice and i could not stand it soo i am searching for the reste dubbed episodes if any one knows how to get the rest dubbed please send me a privite message
  15. from my point of view i would say Sasori He's Soo Coool Dealing With Troubels But Garra's Strength of character Makes Evrey One Like's Him Soo Garra Is My Best One
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