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  1. What were ur childhood animes?

    doraemon! lol
  2. Who is your beloved naruto character

    kakashi. it seemed like he was the ultimate ninja lol
  3. The Big Bang Theory (TV Series)

    the first time i watched it, i didn't really like it. but after a while it got so hilarious
  4. Best First Person Shooter you ever played

    counterstrike. lol so old school
  5. Your favourite FEMALE video game character

    tifa from ff7. i use to think she was so badass and hot at the same time
  6. Naruto vs Naruto Shippuuden

    shippuden. sakura was like useless at the beginning of naruto
  7. What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    all time fav is everybody loves raymond. that show is just so hilarious
  8. What was the first anime you ever watched

    pokemon. use to watch it when i get home from school. holy crap it's been on for a long time...
  9. Favorite Star Wars Movie

    a new hope. one of the first movies i ever saw. lol
  10. What's your Major

    hopefully getting my masters in architecture
  11. Favorite DBZ Character

    gotta be goku.
  12. Can you swim?

    i never really liked swimming, but my parents made me take lessons when i was young. so yes, i know how to swim
  13. Pepsi or Coke?

    i find pepsi a little too sweet for some reason. so i'll go with coke
  14. favourite cartoon or tv series?

    US tv shows sometimes drag it out too much. I use to watch the office, but it went about 2 seasons too long. How i met your mother is what i currently watch and it should have ended 1 or 2 years ago.
  15. Favorite Game?

    Final fantasy 7. it's been like 15 years and i still go back and replay it. lol