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  1. Hi there from new member gundamguy. I was newly registered for CW forums before it moved to Kametsu, so I'm still finding my way around. My major contributions to CW forums were providing a source for Gummi Bears s4-6 encodes for another member, and beginning to share other animation that I have (The Tick, Pocoyo, Gummi Bears). I haven't tried my hand at encoding, so I miss some of the tutorials CW forums had. I love animation as well as anime, and hope this forum has everything that CW forum had in terms of animation fans (Sorry, but there are plenty of anime sites also, but a lack of animation sites in general like CW forums). It will take me a while to get my postings up and contribute (or help others contribute), as I only have source dvds and check forums on a monthly/bimonthly basis.