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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Have a great day with Family and Friends.


    Right now Pumpkin Pie is healthier than Lettuce, so go for it :)


  2. Had a bit of trouble getting english dub of Episode 12 of Attack on Titan Season 3. THe episode was checked and is uploading into the mega folder. Will post it in the morning.


    BTW, We did pretty well at the Tournament today. 


    Happy Veterans Day all!

    1. mrbaer


      Happy Veterans Day all!  And you BEAVE

  3. Saturdays, just got busy for me in IRL. The Posts will be a bit later than usual on Saturday for SSSS.Gridman Dub and Radiant Dub. I should be starting them at around 2:30pm PST.

  4. I'm off to Norwalk, CT today for a week. Today's releases will be later today I hope. "Hoping Remote Access works out"


    See you on the other side of the States.

  5. Something non-anime relevant. Does anyone know which is the best release for Spider-Man Homecoming, The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-8) and Fear The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3) + all of Web Episodes of the series?

    1. mrbaer


      Are you going do some posting some time? like you did . Are you dead on posting?

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  6. Quick question for all: Would you like to see more from me, such as maybe adding another method or two of grabbing LostYears releases aside from XDCC and torrents?

  7. Oh shit! Overlord x KonoSuba x Re:Zero x Saga of Tanya cross-over mini-series confirmed!


  8. Studio Ponoc Three New Short Films (Duration: 44 Minutes), Today, 24-08-2018! ;)

    - Invisible. 

    - Kanini & Kanino. 

    Life Ain't Gonna Lose. 


    Please let me know below in the Comment Box, where I can Watch it with English Subtitle! ;) 



    1. mrbaer


      I Wood like to Watch it in English Dubbed Please


  9. Happy birthday to my brotha from another motha @(AC)

  10. I am in an IMMENSE amount of pain right now. It hurts more when I'm up and walking after 3-4 minutes, mostly in my lower back.


    That is why I'm minimizing my activity at this time. I will be cutting back on any non-work activity (including the IRC network and the forums) so my back can get proper rest.

  11. Just finished a Dual Audio Remux of ACCA 13 in 1080p. Anyone interested?

  12. Just finished a Dual Audio Remux of ACCA 13 in 1080p. Anyone interested?

    1. mrbaer


      can you post  Island English Dub Version (720p) please


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  13. Going on much needed vacation tomorrow...


    Finally, tired of working so much.

    1. mrbaer


      good for you guys have a good vacation


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  14. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Witch Hunter Robin

    FUNimation Show Confirmed - September:

    - Witch Hunter Robin (2002).

    https://www.funimation.com/shows/witch-hunter-robin/ ;)



    Robin Sena is a powerful craft user drafted into the STNJ—a group of specialized hunters that fight deadly beings known as Witches. Though her fire power is great, she’s got a lot to learn about her powers and working with her cool and aloof partner, Amon. But the truth about the Witches and herself will leave Robin on an entirely new path that she never expected!


    1. mrbaer


      what a new one that is a old show Witch Hunter Robin


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  15. As much as we love our toons, we'd never change our name to Cartoon World, so if it's cool with everyone we're just going to stick with Kametsu, thank you.

  16. As much as we love our toons, we'd never change our name to Cartoon World, so if it's cool with everyone we're just going to stick with Kametsu, thank you.

    1. mrbaer


      Cartoon World was a old site and dead and Kametsu is a new site and LIVE 🐱

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  17. super busy this whole month plus not feeling so good 

    episodes of anime are cartoons or whatever I am working on will be delayed until I have time

    1. mrbaer


      Get better soon and take care of yourself your health is # 1 🐱

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  18. Cancelling the aforementioned maintenance outright. First had to postpone it, now I have family obligations I must take care of. Oh and yes, life obligations as well...as usual.


    The announcement bar is set to deactivate on June 10th, and has been reduced to just a bar above the message content - the top page bar has been deactivated already. I'll reactivate the announcement when I have a much more solid idea of when I'll be able to tend to the site updates.

  19. Update on Hikaru no Go: The project is kicking off in about 2 weeks with Garo7 at the Helms of encoding. I will be making custom fan subtitles using Qrazed's original karaoke subtitles that Wizisi2k will revive. I will be using the region 1 DVD subtitles for episode 1-45 and Hulu for the remainder of the episodes.

  20. I really need to start having a donation build so I can purchase a better PC than the shitty refurbished one I have now; all these good hi-performance ones are always in the $2000-$3000 range and I barely make a $1000 per month + bills + 2 webhosts + seedbox/irc bots. Life sure is shit.

    1. mrbaer


      tail me about it make a $738. per month + bills  on SSD

      Life sure is shit. four the last 20 years win I worked I made a $1000 A week.

      I love to work again but I can not work again

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  21. Good news everybody! I moved my stuff off my failing HDD and onto a new, not failing HDD! Everything transferred, except one game I haven't played in months! Best part is, everything seems to still work the same; didn't have to recheck anything in Steam. I'm quite proud.

  22. If Citrus wins the Anime of Winter 2018 Poll, I'll release 1 project a day for a week.


    Get voting!



    1. mrbaer


      Etzimal couldn't possibly do 7 projects in 7 years

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  23. When you're a quality-nerd but your lack of internet forces you into watching miniHD encodes. :cry:

  24. dat bear though



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