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  1. Beave

    Could you send me the links for the 1080p of Unicorn Re: 0096 please.  




  2. well shit hook me up!!! make my life easy again. I've got girls here demanding things of me everyday on top of the honeydo's i get. I've been re-encoding everything to 8bit. My one use for 10bit is anything Hentai or Ecchi related Anime I know my daughter cant get access to. But still Why encode to 10 bit if Players like MPC output 10bit? Since I only watch Anime and Anime is all that's on the tv's in my house. It's my only entertainment thats media related. And my wife and kid watch it 95%. Less than 5% of the time the Tv's have anything else on. Regular tv or scripted reality tv, it all sucks.
  3. SO your say I should by HTPC's and network them so I dont have to replace files constantly plus hook them up to flat screens. to play 10bit. Do they come with a remote control? Can a child operate them easy. I rather not say how much i pay for my TV's. There made with solid state parts. Look up a Proton ( Not protron it's Proton) I never buy used electronics thats just stupid. There's no way to tell how much use they have had. Western Digital was the first to start making External Media Players. There still the only brand that plays Any kind of file but 10bit New is 100-120
  4. now I never said i can't play 10bit. I said there isnt an external media player or an internal media player thats included with LED, LCD, and plamsa flat screen t'v's will play 10 bit. And sure i could hook a pc up to multiple TV's and that would be fine but expensive. 10bit cant be streamed. Also I never said what 10bit's purpose was. I just said it has a purpose. But its not to enhance a 500MB or 1GB 720/1080 Bluray.
  5. I'm seriously shocked to hear you say that "most people don't like 8bit only". It's like saying most people don't like sharing and like being restricted to watching Anime on a computer only. Which is why I also say they don't like sharing. This is the reason no other media type is encoded 10bit. 10bit has a purpose but very few use it for what it's intended for. It's not to improve a 720 or 1080 bluray. They don't need improving. I'm not knocking 10 bit. It just makes no sense to me. Most media players used on pc's output to 10bit. You can even set options to force 10bit input not that you need to since it outputs 10bit. But the option is there for some reason. Now if there was an external media player that could play 10bit that would be great for everyone. But there isn't and none of the company's that make players have any plans to ever include a 10bit codec unless the standard changes. My thing is that I have multiple Tv's each have an external(WesternDigital) or internal media player(Samsung) that have been networked into a pc that acts like a home server. 15TB of space packed with Anime and some other media. my need for standard encodes is out of necessity rather than a want. Almost forgot why I popped into this thread. I have this movie "BORUTO_NARUTO_THE_MOVIE" and the SPECIAL that comes with it as a RAW Its Still in DVD format even. It's 10.5GB. I can throw it up on a hoster if needed.
  6. Any chance you might reupload Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie 720p Blu-ray Rip [English Dub] the Link is dead Olin
  7. Olin

    Hi so this the new place

    Hi so this the new place that Cartoon-World passed the baton to. This is something no other anime forum has done in the past. Im happy to be here. There are but a few really good anime forums left out in the web. And its doubtful Kemetsu would have been mentioned if it didnt have the Anime we all were use to on C-W. Olin