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  1. gbp877

    Status Quo

    So...I guess trying this is out of the question?
  2. Grew up on FoxBox, KidsWB, BKN, etc. Didn't have cable or dish. Also caught reruns of classic anime imports: Speed Racer, Robotech (Macross), TranzorZ (MazingerZ), Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) and Voltron come to mind.
  3. Tron Uprising So, naturally they went and cancelled it leaving it with an unresolved cliffhanger Also love(d) Young Justice. And Monsters vs Aliens is something of a guilty pleasure.
  4. gbp877

    OpenVPN consistent disconnects

    Whatever the problem was, when they updated/upgraded OpenVPN the problem somehow got fixed. Everything's working fine now, so if you want you can close this thread.
  5. I've got a weird problem. I can connect with OpenVPN provided by my seedbox just fine, but after 1 minute 50 seconds the connection drops. Every time. And then takes another 2 minutes 10 seconds to auto-reconnect. So, the whole process takes approximately 4 minutes, every time. And it doesn't matter what I'm doing, downloading, browsing, or just sitting idle. It does the same thing every time. I'm guessing this is an issue with their server, but wondered if any of you have ever come across this issue, and if so, where you able to fix it.
  6. gbp877

    Don't share links outside Kametsu

    Fair enough. I'm just trying to prevent this from happening again, drawing from my own experience. Yeah, it isn't fair that you have to go to such lengths, and that they might not stop them anyway.
  7. gbp877

    Don't share links outside Kametsu

    Again, assume that the ones who would do this aren't bright enough to figure that out (speaking from my own experience as a now-retired S-mod at a popular video game/emulation forum)
  8. gbp877

    Don't share links outside Kametsu

    Yeah, I spotted the "don't steal", and thought that might be the rule you're referring to because as you said, link-stealing falls under that. But it's kind of vague. You have to assume that someone who would steal links is kind of stupid. And stupid people miss anything that isn't spelled out for them (and sometimes even when it is) You really should add to the FAQ to not steal links, and explain why, how it leads to the links getting taken down, etc. Also add stickies with the rule and explanation to all the download link sections. Assume that the public are mouth-breathing five year old troglodytes when explaining anything of importance.
  9. gbp877

    Don't share links outside Kametsu

    I've searched high and low, I don't see where that rule is actually posted. It's not in the FAQ. I've only seen it in uploader's sigs. Yeah, people don't practice proper nettiqette like they used to. Shame.
  10. gbp877

    About My Presence on the Site

    iTunes Plus is for music, if I'm not mistaken. This forum is for sharing cartoons and anime, not music. And iTunes Plus has gone back to adding DRM in their music, again if I'm not mistaken. So, why would you want DRM in your music? And having to pay for it too. Please don't get upset with me for asking, I'm just trying to understand you here. Because it isn't easy to understand you. I'm guessing English isn't your first language as you sometimes use words in ways that don't quite fit your intended meaning. Which has led to a lot of this misunderstanding and drama.
  11. I think this needs to be an official forum rule. (if it isn't already; I didn't see it anywhere) Yeah, I know it'll be difficult to enforce, but who knows, it might help, even if only a little. I remember back in the aughts when YouSendIt and Rapidshare where the best filehosts, that everyone knew, because it was just common sense, that link stealing was a huge, unacceptable, inexcusable, unforgivable, no-no. Even newbs (n00bz) understood this without it being necessary to tell them. But now, how times have sadly changed it seems. So, yeah, we unfortunately need this rule. If anyone wants to share anything outside Kametsu, they can still do so, but only if they re-upload the files, and share their own original links. No sharing anyone else's without their permission. This way we better preserve the links shared here if they're kept exclusive to Kametsu. They won't get taken down so soon. Because sharing IS caring. Because caring is uhhhhhhhhhhh ...sharing? Yeah. Yeah, that's it, sharing.
  12. gbp877

    How do I add an avatar?

    LOL, so obvious... Thank you.
  13. I've been meaning to do this but I can't find where on my user control panel to do this. But just now it dawned on me: you need a certain number of posts before you're granted that privilege. But I should have enough by now...a little help?
  14. It and Green Lantern were cancelled to make room for Teen Titans Go! and that Batman CGI series that nobody watched that got cancelled before the end of it's first season. Also, according to Paul Dini, YJ got cancelled because it wasn't goofy enough to appeal to their target demographic of young boys and worse, girls and older people were watching it which seemed to confound the network execs for some inexplicable reason: http://moviepilot.com/posts/3772856
  15. gbp877


    I'm new to this forum, having migrated over from CW. So, I guess if there's a silver lining to CW's board closng, it's that it led me to discover this place. Been looking around here a bit, so far I'm impressed.