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  1. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I have read that the owner will come back ...based on the message in the chatroom . I have heard he will pass the duty of being an admin to somebody else . But yeah me said . that the ultra project is done .
  2. Color Correction with Staxrip/AVS/VS

    I am not sure who he is, but i found these posted in some forum post a while ago . . .
  3. Color Correction with Staxrip/AVS/VS

    Most likely yes , i know some people who seems to have done it or doing it.
  4. You should step up your game and get them from ADC straight
  5. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I know that a project for remaster of All series and Movies are still in works on varios Discord servers
  6. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Do you think you can upload the audios for us too ? It would help us a lot .
  7. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    But why DNR with upscale ? Why would you do that ..a lot of details will be lost in that process.
  8. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    @ionutbigiu1if you say that BLu ray remaster is better than Dragon Box with some proper CC i think you are wrong .
  9. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    @LordFenix Hmm a Level Set encode would be way better than this DNR . Doing this to dragon ball is bullshiet ...to strip it from grain and make it upscaled .
  10. Hello my name Bigiu Ioan Alexandru

    Hello my name is Bigiu Ioan Alexandru i am a male from Romania . I am a big fan of anime and i am here because of dragon ball /z /gt /kai . I have been in contact with this site because i try to find different dubs dragon ball series. I hope i will do a great job in provinding information for download and upload . thank you for letting me in .