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  1. Wait...you're back?
    WHOA DUDE I didn't even know you were back!




    Wowie...it's good to see you again.

    I recall looking for ya some months ago, wondering

    what had happened since you disappeared!


    I can't remember when...probably September or august.

    Still WELCOME BACK bess-Edespite it being rather a month late for me to say



    *Reads back your post in November when you returned

    ...ah I see.


    So a bunch of things were happening in life eh?

    Yeah, I know that feeling too well...

    Life, lemons, things happening, I certainly know it my friend.




    It's nice to know you're fine.

    Anyways just wanted to thank you

    for everything on Clarence, yup!
    (Also thanks to the team behind the series too!)


    See ya around and Happy Holidays to ya too!

    (Hope your new job is going swell too!)

  2. Quote

    "PM62 & I are going to work together to sponsor a ripper to pick up this show"







    1. Kii-lon


      I've been hearing what's going on...

      Well actually, seen what's been up.

      Rather sad...



      It's sad that  Tulio choose not to continue doing HB, but I can understand from knowing a bit of Tulio these past 2 years when it comes to stuff like this...




      So I've been secretly re-upping all of S01 of HB behind the scenes...though I see you guys got it taken care of which is cool, since Tulio decided to take down his links for whatever reason.


      So seeing he's choose to stop and how no-one was taking care of Harvey Beaks S02...

      Well, let's just say that a backup plan has come up and i'm up for it!
      That is if you choose to pal' o buddy!



      Oh and nice new name.

    2. bess-E


      I'm sure you saw that we got TVSmash to pick it up but thanks for the offer! As long as I'm around I'll do what it takes to keep HB releases going and I'm glad there's folks on Kametsu willing to help.

    3. Kii-lon


      Well well well...this is a surprise, I never thought that TVSmash was also on here!

      That's AWESOME!!!



      Hey bess-E, thanks dude for telling me!
      I appreciate it and I wish TVSmash the best as well!

      Seeing he's already released an episode as well is just as cool!



      ...I really want to meet TVSmash and greet him, now after talking

      to PM62! It would be very nice to meet another new pal!



      Again thanks and I wish ol' TVSmash the best on S02 of Harvey Beaks!
      He's got Supreme Commander Kamina Fee's Support!

  3. Howdy pal ol'
    I'm here to tell ya some awesome news that

    I just learned right now! A whole week of new

    Clarence Episodes will be airing from Monday to Friday! YAY~


    Welcome Back in the year of 2016, Clarence!

    Surely am happy and can't wait to see what happens this week!


    Just wanted to tell ya,

    that and in the main Clarence thread too.


    Stay awesome and thumbs up to ya...from Peri. =3


    Source:  https://twitter.com/stevethegoblin/status/687061431754354688

  4. bess-E

    Hello, everybody!

    Don't mind me, just a loose-canon cop on the edge with attitude.