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  1. Hello, Hello hope you are doing well :-)

  2. is asking people for a favor can be spam. because Talena Mae ban for two days for it

  3. i submit to comodo though safe area aka quicte

  4. Well there is guaranteed NO viruses in it. If your virus protection says there is one, it's a false-positive or a shitty virus protection. We have over 10 people in Team Kametsu who have downloaded that exact file safely. And the files themselves have been downloaded thousands of times off the official site.

  5. i use comodo 4.1 is one the found files as viruses

  6. ok no problem its done.

  7. what is it you need?

  8. i need your help

  9. can you do me a favor

  10. can you do me a favor

  11. can you do me a favor

  12. can you do me a favor

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