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  1. sent you something important check your pm please

  2. For those who want to try and record the series: episode number 3 will premiere tomorrow at 8 AM, according to this Facebook post by Teletoon!
  3. So... you've seen "The Tom and Jerry Show" on Teletoon, then?
  4. What do you mean, the same as a couple of years ago?
  5. Hi, I was just wondering if anybody here has been watching/recording the episodes of the brand-new animated series "The Tom and Jerry Show"? It had its world premiere on the Canadian Teletoon channel yesterday. Would be awesome to see some episodes uploaded if anyone has recordings. The actual premiere took place at 8 PM yesterday, but the episodes seem to have been rerun several times later on, and will probably continue to be rerun alongside new episodes. Here's an early, low-res video sneak peek that was first uploaded to the web back in August 2013... and below a high-res promotional image:
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