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  1. well enjoy it Akai-Sushi
  2. i asked because you know more on the intricacies of converting and encoding... ill try different programs because i can't accept one season out of a series being out of wack.
  3. watching it on a big screen in 4:3 NOW that's the terrible idea, that's like serving a grill cheese on a turkey tray.
  4. are you able to turn season 1 into a counterfeit 16:9??????????????????
  5. its okay folks i figured it out M4VGEAR program works with no problems, thank you to all for advice whether it worked or it didnt, KEEP ON ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD!
  6. i downloaded ffmpeg-3.2.4.tar i open the compressed file to find 14 folders and 41 files... the first folder leads to 11 folders, its unclear what to do.
  7. i got Grass the documentary
  8. intresting, do you have a link to said program?
  9. ive tried them all and so far all i got was one minute conversion, only one made it to 5 minutes.
  10. holy fucken shit. everytime i got on a browser and looked up bug and cartoon i would get all kinds of other stuff but this is it, thank you!
  11. hi, ive been looking for the NAME of this cartoon for a while, no luck... its in a desert and has that tex-mex feel to it and its about insects. it use to air on abc, saturday around mid day, please tell me at least the title so i can locate this.
  12. :2cool:my names billy my friends call me bob... how can i put a dvd on this site
  13. picolo