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  1. What's up with bakabt? I'm trying to download Konosuba using Vuze (the client I always use with Bakabt) and it doesnt connect despite having supposedly 139 seeds.

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    2. warlord8


      I am able to connect to their torrents via public key. I didnt try the torrent you mentioned, but it worked at least when I checked it

    3. TheMexicanLynx


      @warlord8 Whats a public key? o:

    4. warlord8


      I was just trying to say that I was able to download a torrent from bakabt without an account. But it as also freeleech. Earlier this week when I tried to download that torrent, it wasn't working for people without accounts.

  2. Encoder and Muxer desperately needed. I tried to do it myself, I tried all of today but either the video ends up blurry and with a humongous file size (from 151mb the raw to 1.7GB).

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    2. Darkshadow6400


      Okay so the TV-Rip is PAL then. You could slow it down to NTSC speeds, but the audio is already low enough quality as it is, so I wouldn't recommend it.

      I would suggest leaving the audio at PAL speeds and adjusting the video to fit that.


      The video itself is actually a variable frame rate, so you'd either need to look at changing it to a constant frame rate, or leave it variable and sync it to match the audio.


      Regardless, you will most likely end up having to trim the video to match the audio

    3. TheMexicanLynx


      I see, thanks!

      How can I change the video to constant framerate or even have it  become PAL?

    4. Darkshadow6400
  3. Got any advice, experience or anything on audio sync? Interesting on helping a project? PPGZ 10th Project, the goal is to have the complete series in good DVDrip quality in 2 or 3 audio tracks in mkv format.

  4. I'm sorry to bother you, but if you have time, after getting PPGZ 27-52 completed, could you help me get 1-26 from that DVD set? To have the japanese audiotrack available and see if I can actually pull this multi-language release.

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    2. TheMexicanLynx


      Thank you, truani! I'll keep messing around with video editors until I find someway to sync all 3 audios in a single mkv if no one more savvy comes to help us.

    3. truanifan678


      Good luck. I know editing audio/video isn't easy. I tried my hand at syncing audio at one point, but at the time I used a Mac so I used GarageBand and/or FinalCut to slide/clip the audio to match the video then exported just the audio track (that Mac since broke and I'm without it). I don't know about Windows, but I've heard of VideoPad Editor in passing, but I've not used it myself. Another idea might be just using Audacity to edit the audio tracks so they line up then export them separately. Dang it, if only I had more free time right now then maybe I could help more...

    4. TheMexicanLynx


      I appreciate it! I used Audacity to just change the Episode 27 tv rip  audio from PAL 25fps to NTSC 23.976 fps, which theorically should be the DVDrip's fps as well, being Japanese NTSC. I just now need to try sync it with the video without both medias dying.

  5. Anyone wanna join on a crazy project thing for the 10th anniversary of Powerpuff Girls Z? My laptop is crap but I have the eng dub audio, the mexican dub audio and now I just need the RAWs. For a Triple-Audio DVD quality anniversary release. Click Here if you're interested.

  6. Happy I finally uploaded Powerpuff Girls Z, english dubbed, just in time for it's 10th anniversary, and the year of the 18th anniversary of it's parent show. 


    That thing is hard to find dubbed, unlike the fansubbed version.

  7. What does SOTW stand for?
  8. Hello everyone. I'm a runaway from Cartoon-World, although my experience there was rather short-lived (circa 5 months), and then it died. So now I'm here. 'Sup.
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