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  1. Cartoon world was my favorite place for anime and cartoons, so naturally I came here fallowing the instructions given. From what little I have seen of this place It looks like it will probably be as good as C-W. Everything looks so clean, simple and organized. I would like to be somewhat active but for a while now its been hard to keep up with so many hobbies and duties. Hmmm. Top 5 animes are kind of hard to decide, but here goes. The Dragon Ball series has been my favorite since i was a child still love it, so I'm excited that the possibility of new eps or movies in the work. The gundam series from Gundam Wing and up has always been enjoyable. The next 3 is hard to decide since there is so many so I'll just throw them out in no particular order. The Twelve Kingdoms, Fate Stay/Night, Rumbling Hearts. Top 5 games is much easier. Final Fantasy 7, Wild ARMs, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Xeno Gears, Star Ocean 2, Other hobbies, I'm currently active in is Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, and fighting games related stuff. And no I don't make any graphics, but when i was a child I use to love drawing and I quite good at it but then gaming took over my life for a long while. Well that's it for me. Thanks for readimg everyone.