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  1. B1nky

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Hotline: Miami <GET IT RIGHT NOW Xonotic <DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW ITS FREE Ultima VII and expansions Hearts of Iron III Trouble in Terrorist Town
  2. Yeah, he was pretty interesting. He's a bit wimpy and not enough of a smartass for me to identify with, though. In my opinion, too many "flawed, damaged, and insecure" characters are WAAAAYYYYY too......weak. When I feel insecure and my emotional damage starts nagging away in my mind, I just get pissed off. The way Shinji Sulks creates distance between him and viewers like myself.
  3. The dad from KissXSis was hilarious. Chobits also seemed pretty cool.
  4. B1nky

    What were ur childhood animes?

    I saw Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell, and Trigun a few times when I was little. They looked so mysterious and cool. However, I felt weird when I watched them because I hadn't seen the beginning of the series.
  5. B1nky

    Anime you're currently obsessed with?

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is pretty engrossing. Some of the characters need to be kicked in the genitals, however.
  6. B1nky

    What Games would make good Movies?

    Anything set in the Elder Scrolls universe would be really awesome.
  7. B1nky

    Batman VS Ironman (Fantasy Fight)

    If iron man wins the initial battle, that means Batman is dead. That's the problem with Batman. He was traumatized as a child and wants to eliminate violence from the world, even if that means taking mercy on an enemy who wants to kill him. He doesn't equip himself with inherently lethal weaponry. Iron Man, however, doesn't seem to have any qualms about completely destroying, maiming, and killing his enemies with his suit, which is equipped to do as much damage as possible when the need arises. Iron Man would win because of Batman's pacifism.
  8. B1nky

    characters that bother you

    The minute any character from any final fantasy game starts talking, they immediately become intolerably annoying. Other than that, most child and young adult characters have their really annoying moments where you want to give them a swift kick to the genitals and bash their head against the nearest wall.
  9. B1nky

    PS3 vs. Xbox

    "neanderthols".........really? You've singlehandedly invalidated your own argument in your first post.
  10. B1nky

    Pokemanz anybody?

    3 Words: Tile Layer Pro. Only use this if you own the game and download it. i haven't tested a DS game on it, but normally, it edits sprites. i make my pokemon look cool ( and make the rival look worse than normal).
  11. B1nky

    how do you compare old video games from new

    In my opinion, any game that is not by bethesda, isn't a racing game, fps, or party game, should be in 2-d. Many games nowadays need to be longer. i enjoyed the single player campaign of many games that are out now, but they are too short! i want to be able to play my game for a really long time without needing to pay a monthly online fee. with the technology out now, developers could make an awesome 16-bit game that could take months of playing to complete. i would rather pay $60 for a long rpg with old school graphics than a beautiful looking game with a short story mode and repetitive online play. i like old games.
  12. B1nky

    Game Sequels you'd like to see

    I need another Earthbound/Mother game in English. it doesn't even have to be a remake of a previous Earthbound/Mother, just in English!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. B1nky

    Favorite RPG?

    I like Pokemon, Earthbound/Mother, and Final Fantasy.
  14. B1nky

    Pokemanz anybody?

    As long as the grass starter in black and white isn't really grass only like bulbasaur and more like turtwig and his evolutions (I like earthquake), I will buy black and white. Pokemon! Gotta buy' em all!! As long as the grass starter in black and white isn't really grass only like bulbasaur and more like turtwig and his evolutions (I like earthquake), I will buy black and white. Pokemon! Gotta buy' em all!!
  15. B1nky


    I am new to this forum and like to download stuff. I like all things anime. Goveynet com told me to do this because he said this site was awesome and had anime. I NEED ENOUGH POSTS TO DOWNLOAD but I don't spam.