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  1. Hi, I just thought I'd let you know you're posting in the wrong section. ;O This is the cartoon discussion section, not anime.
  2. A third season would be amazing, or crap even a movie to tie up the cliffhanger! Let's just cross our fingers and hope that one day, it'll happen.
  3. Hey man, the person of your dreams could be in that car :P
  4. Clannad is my all time favorite anime. Though what I noticed with a lot of people it's either they really love it, or really hate it. Glad to see someone else here that loves Clannad! :)
  5. Let's be honest, nothing will ever happen unless you try and put yourself out there.
  6. Ah alright cool, I was worried that the current theme was going to be permanent. :P
  7. What bugs me is the new look, also nothing is color coded anymore in the archives. Edit: And by archives I mean the Index's to avoid confusion.
  8. That'd be pretty damn cool if that turns out to be true.
  9. Sup Kametsu community, I was a part of the cartoon-world community until it got moved then I kinda moved on, but now I'm back and apparently I need to introduce myself so my name is Jeff or jar either one, what's up?
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