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  1. well.. erm.. i think everyone knows the origin of my silly nickname.. haha
  2. that might be the issue.. there are only peers with no seeders.. i know its quite old now.. but i would love to find an active torrent or a direct download link.. or something similar im looking especially for this: Dragon Ball Z Kai - 66-77 [x264-AAC][Dual Audio][C-W]
  3. Hey there, i was a big fan of an old cartoon world and ive been there about 3 or 5 years.. i dont really know and so im always trying to stay updated about everything thats going on here.. and on the tracker.. i have my own seedbox.. so if you need anything.. just send me a pm.. as now im looking for seeds for the dragon ball z kai (dual audio) series.. mostly for episode 66 and further.. btw.. some of you guys may know me from our czech anime website.. (yes im from czech republic) AGOA (Another Generation of Anime) my name is there "BlazePhoenix" sorry if its against the rules.. to post names up like that.. its mostlly useless for you guys anyway since i doubt that anyone here can speak czech.. nevermind.. what about me..well my name is Roman, im 22 and live in Prague.. i think its enough for the introduction.. so as i said earlier.. if you need to seed something.. (i will have to download it first tho) i have a vps with bittorrent client.. yeah.. and sorry for the dots everywhere.. its just the way im used to type have a nice day
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