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  1. Episodes 51 and 55 on iTunes has the title cards and chase transition with the elephant, which are left out from the DVDs.
  2. This is something new that's problematically happening to me: I've logged into MySpleen with the right password, but it kept invalidating me. I keep changing my password and after that I get in. After that, I log in with the new password, but keeps validating me. I bet YOU'RE having this problem I am, huh?
  3. Hey there, if anyone's seen the Raccoons cartoon before, then I sure would like "The Raccoons: Let's Dance!" Not the video special, but the soundtrack album to the video special. It's got a few songs from "The Raccoons on Ice" (which were previously released on "Lake Freeze: The Raccoons Songtrack" and "The Raccoons and the Lost Star", not the mention some instrumental cues from the latter. NOTE: Songs from "Lost Star" had John Schneider's vocals replaced with Frank Floyd and Hank Martin's due to contractual issues. Calling You - Frank Floyd (originally by John Schneider) You Can Do It - Leo Sayer Takin' My Time - Leo Sayer Shining´╗┐ - Hank Martin (originally by John Schneider) The Lost Star - Instrumental Lions and Tigers - Dottie West To Have You - Rita Coolidge and Leo Sayer Friends - Hank Martin and Dottie West (former originally by John Schneider) Animals - Instrumental The Tunnel - Instrumental Broo - Instrumental If anyone has this album, then I'd very much appreciate it if you would fill in the unlinked songs.
  4. All links removed due to violation. How about uploading them to MEGA instead?
  5. I have a request for a trilogy of Garfield movies (not live-action/CG hybrid, full CGI) ripped to .mkv from DVD. Garfield Gets Real Garfield's Fun Fest Garfield's Pet Force
  6. Hi


    I see you've uploaded the first season of Teen Titans in an amazing quality, and that you were going to upload the second season, but I can't find their links anywhere.

  7. You're wrong, man. Codename Kids Next Door was made entirely in 4:3 for the whole series.
  8. I first laid eyes on that show on Nickelodeon, as it was by Jim Henson Productions, and was wondering if you could do rips of the Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss from iTunes? It's hilarious!
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Garfield-Show-Season-DVD/dp/B00CTEU31Q The complete first season of the Garfield Show on DVD, with optional German and English audio. If anyone has this DVD or wants to buy it, we need the English audio for the episodes. We're also looking for the second, third, and fourth seasons. Bad news is the first two seasons (each divided into two) got taken off iTunes for good.
  10. The Platinum and Golden Collection DVDs of Looney Tunes are chock full of music-only versions of the shorts.
  11. A big number of Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies shorts were released to DVD with the option of listening to the entire music score. (No voices or SFX). A few (e.g. What's Opera, Doc?) also had vocal-only tracks. I'd appreciate it if you could make MP3's of the music-only tracks.
  12. I have a subtitle ripping program called "SubRip", and I was wondering if, if anyone has a Hamtaro DVD, "A Ham-Ham Valentine", I'd appreciate it if the ISO was to be uploaded.
  13. You mean seasons 1-2? We're not sure they got ahold of them yet.
  14. Same here, except I need a VHSRip of said movie in its original theatrical release. It was first released to VHS in 1983 with a scene cut out for unknown reasons on later reissues. This scene (after "Goldimouse and the Three Cats") has Bugs reading "Little Bo Peep" leading up to "A Sheep in the Deep"
  15. Okay, but if the Japanese DVDs of episodes 14-26 used LOOK as the ending, and episodes 40-52 Himawari, we could use those for the endings, too.