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  1. Have you tried ripping widescreen episodes of Camp Lazlo, Gym Partner and Juniper Lee? They're all on the Boomerang website too!

    1. whitetigerx8


      If you can suggest a good web ripper. I got the Sonic Boom episodes from Directv On Demand through my DVR and Hauppauge Colossus device.

    2. cheril59
  2. Myspleen Problems

    Now, I have new problems! My time being logged into mySpleen keeps cutting itself shorter than usual! The only I keep logging in is I have to keep changing the stupid password!!! How am I supposed to fix this?!?
  3. Myspleen Problems

    This is something new that's problematically happening to me: I've logged into MySpleen with the right password, but it kept invalidating me. I keep changing my password and after that I get in. After that, I log in with the new password, but keeps validating me. I bet YOU'RE having this problem I am, huh?
  4. Hi


    I see you've uploaded the first season of Teen Titans in an amazing quality, and that you were going to upload the second season, but I can't find their links anywhere.

  5. Hello, everybody!

    I'm new here, and I feel sorry that the Cartoon-World forums is closing down. I had an account there, and so, I'd be happy to appreciate all of you.