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  1. X-Men day of the future past movie

    I can't wait to see this movie. Also I agree the Sentinels need to look good, not like the shape in X-Men 3.
  2. What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Agents of Shield, Tomorrow People, Arrow, Big Bang Theory, Face Off, Chicago Fire, + so many more.
  3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Love this TV, can't wait for the hiatus to end.
  4. Are books better than movies, or vice-versa

    Depends on the book. New Moon was way better then the book cause it took so much less time to watch then to read, but movies like Eragon sucked compared to the books.
  5. How many Yu-Gi-Oh! cards do you think you have?

    A couple of 3 inch binders full + a few tins + my deck in separate deck box.
  6. Xyz, syncros, or fusions?

    I like synchros, my deck is built around a couple, plus I find their easier to summon. I think that Xyzs monsters are limiting (only can use their effects a couple times) and fusion monsters are hard to summon (very specific requirements).
  7. Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

    Power Tool Dragon, love it's effect (I run an equip spell deck), plus i think it looks awesome.
  8. Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Young Justice, Danny Phantom, X-Men Evolution
  9. so..Generator Rex is actually Pretty good.

    Loved this show, wish they didn't stop making new episodes.
  10. Pinky and the Brain

    I loved the theme song, plus the plot was predictable but funny. It was great.
  11. ReBoot

    this show was amazing wish it would have continued for more seasons
  12. X-Men

    Totally miss this show, I recently saw it on DVD, but unfortunately with school i couldn't afford it
  13. does anyone here watch Max Steel?

    Never seen the 1st one, was told it was pretty awesome, found on youtube so planning on watching it when I have time. But love the 2013 reboot, the characters are funny + it can be serious when it has to.
  14. Anyone remember Class of the Titans?

    Love this tv show wish they would make it available on canadian itunes store.
  15. Spider-Man

    I do like ultimate spiderman but I agree it could be a little more serious.