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  1. Hello everyone, looks like I need to make an introduction to access parts of the forum, not really sure what that entails but here I go. I'm not a big commenter I prefer to just read discussions. I will only put my 2 cents in if what I want to say has not been said already (I'm not going to repeat what others have already said). Anime. I love dubbed anime. I kinda have dyslexia so I can't really keep up with the subtitles of subbed anime that is my main reason for my preference to dubbed anime. even though I'm not a strong reader I enjoy manga and will resort to reading the manga of shows that don't have a dub because I can read at my own pace. I think that's all that I have to say. For info on my favourite anime and manga here is a link to myanimelist http://myanimelist.net/profile/AravisS Here is also a link to pictures of my anime and manga collection http://imgur.com/a/LYAtH#0(Not up to date) I Hope this is what I needed to do
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