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  1. I watched all 30 episodes of the original Hunter x Hunter ovas. I cringed at watching subs as it was the first time I had extensively watched them, but I got use to the voices and have watched several subbed anime since then. I'm actually planning on watching Hitman Reborn sometime in May or whenever I finish Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho. See what I like to do is save up on a bunch of anime like Bleach and Naruto then marathon them because I find them the most entertaining. If I watch any "tv" it's movies, anime, or youtube, or sports, which I get all from the internet.
  2. Right now Accel World and Cage of Eden. Planning on reading Double Arts too.
  3. Dang, I had watched the first 10 weekly during the original broadcast now Idk if I should finish it.
  4. Better make another season. It didn't just leave it open, they actually said something about the next stage of the tournament. Also I want another season of The World God Only Knows. It did the same thing flashing the next set of girls after the credits.
  5. I have that on my list of anime I want to watch. Are you saying that the pacing is really slow?
  6. Hunter X Hunter, Gundam 00 SEED and SEED Destiny.
  7. I really liked it at first but when they got to "the past" episodes, I just kinda stppoed. I'm at episode 15 now and was wondering does anyone know what episode they finally get backk to the present situation!?
  8. loved the original and original animation better. I don't watch much sub but that show was so good, I watched all 30 ovas in one day.
  9. Bludgeoning angel dokuro chan is funny, but warning it's very graphic. Law of Ueki is like Kenichi (which I have in my top 25) so I think you'll really like it. You should really try Magikano though it's like 2002-3ish, the dub was just too ridiculously funny. Love it. Patton always delivers Same for me.
  10. Wow, you really can't go wrong with any of the anime listed above. I'll add; Blue Gender, Deadman Wonderland, Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny and 00, Kurokami, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Majin, Requim for the Phantom, Kenichi Histoy's Strongest Disciple!, Shakugan no Shana, Guilty Crown, Accel World, and a new anime show that just aired last week Sword Art Onliine.
  11. No doubt NCAA Football 2013 but before that I finally need to replace my 3 years and 7months old phone and a new 32in flat screen for upcoming football season.
  12. I get too attached to some anime characters which is why I lean towards that side. I mean you are showed to love these characters over a span of 10-20+ episodes only to see them brutally die or blow up. Kid's parents die, then everyone around them dies, it's crazy. Also I could watch something like Murder-Set-Pieces(which is extremely visceral) and probably just cringe, or maybe not, at some of the scenes. But if I'm watching a brutal, dark, gory anime, I can't eat something like a sandwich and watch it at the same time.
  13. well I've only watched the first 2 eps, and it definetely starts off with a WTF moment. Yes Definitely. the actual manga seemed more intriguing to me.
  14. yes the whole franchise is Epic. Check out Guillermo's Pacific Rim, coming in 2013, lotta people think he's paying homage to Evangelion
  15. Well my mind is hazy on the situation but I thought it ended pretty well albeit the huge ninja star at the end was kind wtf. I mean he defeated the commander dude who came out of idk what you would call it, awaiting court marshall? I saw it as a visual of one battle from the manga/light novel. I agree it did slack off and seemed rushed in the last few episodes which is why i wonder why it wasn't a 26 episode anime. For me mecha anime needs more episodes for character development, confict, and tactical battle.
  16. Yeah it's not bad but it was like a hill for me. It started off preety good then I got hooked then it kinda slacked up and then it ended.
  17. Jeez 3 months! Why not just just make two 1h 40m movies and name them part 1 and 2 and not waste everybody's time. I haven't watched Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn yet, but going by what is said i'm guessing they mean how Broken Blade did with their 6 part 50min series.
  18. not a girl but i'd like to get in on this. It's not that it's pointless, especially in haram shows, but when it gets serious and you randomly see panty and boob shots, kinda feel like I could do without. And we all know by now that the japanese sure love their panties and boobs.
  19. I know exactly what your'e talking about. For example, Rave Master and Bersek had those expositions at the beginning, then the OP then with Rave Master you get the previous episode summary, next episode summary and ED. I remember watching an episode of Bleach that when they finally got to the actual beginning of the episode, they where 7 minutes in.
  20. nothing much just chilling watching Rosario + Vamp Capu2. it's crazy good.

  21. Friends out the wazu up in here. What's crackalacking, my dude.

  22. first thought it was Air Gear then Baka and Test, now i know Kenichi the mightiest disciple is. i'm only at episode 17 but i fill like crying sometimes it's so funny
  23. QUOTE]Re: Did He Have It Coming?
  24. oh yeah i know they've made about 2 or 3 if i'm not mistaken. and with HOTD you don't need to take all of it out, but constantly bouncing boobs probably wouldn't work mainstream lol.
  25. welcome lol. i live in the u.s. and i dont give a rat's ass about the underage laws either. I use to think if your'e willing to die for your country at 18, then you should be allowed to have a drink, but since i've gotten older, i really question is it more about a maturity thing. I saw the whole world different after i graduated high school.
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