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    Japanese vs. American Animation

    Im not trying to start an argument but The guy who created Genndy said in an interview that it was cancelled because it had no merch. But i agree, cancelling it only made it more powerful like Invader Zim.
  2. Rookie-Rollins

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    The problem with western cartoons is funding. Alot of japanese anime is a manga before hand and already has a fan base, which means the guys with all the money who pay for the animation are more inclined to part with some cash for it. This means that alot more adult orientated cartoons are made in japan. unfortunatly for western cartoons there has always been a stigma of cartoons are for kids and comics are for kids. That is slowly starting to be stripped away with most of the marvel and DC cartoons but it is still there. With most of the investors that will pay for animation to happen, they want to invest in a safe product that they will see a return on. So this is were we get the HE-MAN formula. A "GREAT" cartoon in the eyes of the investors is a cartoon that will 1.Be brought by a TV channel or even better a cartoon channel (who market to children) &. 2.Have a toy line. The toyline is where you make your money. Do you remember "SYMBIONIC TITAIN"? Great Freaking show took influence from Voltron and other old school cartoons and updated it for a new generation. Why was it cancelled? No toyline. So in conclusion where japan is money driven too (Pokemon is a great example of it) make anime that have a large Manga fan base that will buy and watch anime of their favorite manga/Video game/Toy and so on. Remember they have childish cartoons like us as well but they don't normally export them to western counrties because the "ANIME" fan base is usually teenagers and above. It doesn't matter if you have a "MIND EXPANDING" idea. if its not going to make enough money for investors to make a boat payment with they don't want to know about it. Western cartoons are completly profit driven and aimed at children who are more likely not to say "Cartoons are for kids. i'm not watching that" and bug their parents to buy them toys and tshirts and so on. Ben10 is a perfect example. Why do you think christmas is what it is. It's not a religious holiday anymore it hasn't been for many years. It's a day driven by buisness men to selll their crappy shit at inflated prices. A really good example of what I'm talking about is the SAW movies. They couldn't get funded by the australian film organization because the idea was far too non profit for australian audiences. All they were asking for was like a shitty 10 grand to make it as well. They took the idea to America who have a large return on movies and got like millions to make it. It then made billions. The investors could see that it would make them money back. I did animation for a little while about 10 or 11 years ago.Even had a interview with disney before they moved their Australian studio to indonesia (i think). There were guys I worked with that had amazing ideas for cartoons but they couldn't get funded to make them. But someone comes along with an Idea like f'n DOGSTAR that's cheap to make and a shitty story line and that gets funded. I don't really play video games but It seems in the western world if you want a good mature story you need to play it yourself.