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  1. animedawg

    What are your favorite computer games?

    Total War: Shogun 2 and Skyrim. Haven't went outside since July, 2012 :-)
  2. animedawg

    Anime you're currently obsessed with?

    More due to the light novels than the first season, but I cannot wait to watch more Highschool DxD.
  3. animedawg

    Best First Person Shooter you ever played

    If it counts as a FPS (I think it does personally), Mass Effect 2. If not, Bioshock.
  4. animedawg

    Code Geass vs Death Note

    Well, if they were in live action Death Note would be the easiest to Westernize and make kick ass since it was almost all dialogue with a small cast. But for anime, Code Geass was the most fun to watch. Just a total blast from start to finish.
  5. animedawg

    Saddest Anime Moments...

    I'm such a weakling -- when Lelouch has to kill his cousin and then she has that dragged out death scene.
  6. animedawg

    will there be continuation of Berserk series?

    Berserk is kinda like Dark Tower. It starts off difficult to read but pretty soon you're going "holy shit this is great". If the anime only started at the flashback I think it would collect a ton more fans.
  7. animedawg

    Highschool of the Dead Apocalypse 2013

    There are going to be two things I guarantee. Taxes will go up in the future and there will be a second anime season of HotD
  8. animedawg


    For me, it was almost enjoyable -- which made it more painful.
  9. animedawg

    Games you regret buying/playing

    Battlefield 3. Just never could get into it.
  10. animedawg

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Waiting a year and some change to play Skyrim was definitely the right decision. All the bugs have been worked out and the mods are polished :-D
  11. animedawg

    Rosario + Vampire

    As the anime served as a gateway to the manga, I gotta say I'm glad they put it out. I just wish they would do a remake more faithfully (ala FA: .
  12. animedawg

    English dubbed harem/ecchi anime

    Seconded. Although the manga is much, much better.
  13. animedawg

    Manga your hoping to become a anime?

    Manga version of Battle Royale translated faithfully to animated would be nice. Also a remake of Rosario + Vampire closer to the source material might be cool, depending on how its turn towards shounen action turns out. Oh, and a remake anime of Gantz would rock. They screwed that one up big time. I guess after Fullmetal Achemist: Brotherhood, I've now started rooting for more faithful remakes of adaptations!
  14. animedawg

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    Dubbed for me. Since you can't see the lips off-sync for anime/cartoons it's just a lot easier to watch it dubbed instead of constantly having to glance towards the bottom and read what is going on. During my travels, in almost all the foreign countries that I've visited they watch USA animated products dubbed as well.
  15. animedawg

    High School of the Dead Manga

    Yeah I thought I read that more HSotD is coming out this summer.