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  1. The Guyver 1989 Untouched DVD

    hello zaka, just saw your post on the us renditions verison of the guyver and i have all of the volumes on vhs taht i iwll transfer and then upload once i get them done so you and others can enjoy
  2. Twilight Zone

    Thank you diamondustlove truly appericate it
  3. Twilight Zone

    diamonddustlove Yes i would love to see this very very much and thank you for replying to my post for the 1985 twilight zone
  4. Twilight Zone

    I would love to request the 1985 twilight zone series please and thank you
  5. Lone Ranger / Zorro dvdrips

    I also support this request
  6. Voltron Legendary Defender Starts June 6th

    Blitzepidemic you are more than welcome, and from the preview the animation looked really good and i agree that they are destrorying good anime and leave it with the action that the orignal voltron had and cut down on the comdey as well
  7. Voltron Legendary Defender Starts June 6th

    Hello my friends I jsut ripped the trailer so you can see taht all episodes will be avaible on june 10th https://mega.nz/#!XExnmYYC!foezEgFxEDCqnNqm-VUyOkqEXGAmGc4EHVoc4Bj1R8s
  8. Superman anime style

    Johnnylawernce1 I think that this would be very very interesting and a great series and you never know they could do that
  9. Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers(DUBBED)

    Asax123 This looks truly awsome and would love to see this as well
  10. [REQ] Gunbuster 1 & 2

    REquesting this as well and would love seeing it thanks again
  11. Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie

    I would also like to third the request for this scooby doo movie
  12. Batman Unlimted: Animal instincs

    I would like to request the up coming Movie Batman animal instincs in 480 or 720
  13. [REQ] Majestic Prince - Dual audio

    Majestic Prince can be found here in the kametsu forms and here is the link for it in the dubbed section http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/42240-mega-majestic-prince-720p480p/
  14. Justice League Throne of Atlantis

    Digipokemon Thank you and greatly appericate the information god bless you and your family and have a very very happy new year
  15. I would like to reuest the new justice league throne of atlantis in 480 and 720 hd Thank you very very much